Monday, August 20, 2012

U.S Part 8/10 San Francisco

Continuation from U.S Trip

Next, Palace of Fine Arts. 

Love this pic very much! 

Dearie with Alan, Boo, Dan

It was truly a very tranquil place!!! Within it, you will feel a sense of peace and fulfillment.......time to time, we saw doves(yes doves!) flying across the architecture and waters. There were also swans in the lake. 
It's so magical and I thought such scenes are only available in novels. =)

I think it will be a wonderful place to get married(in fact we saw a wedding couple with friends snapping shots there), however, on the top of the building, there are 4 weeping hmm....might not be auspicious if you're superstitious about it. More info on the architectures here. Pretty interesting to read.

To be continued..........................

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