Wednesday, August 22, 2012

China Glaze Metallic nails

I love China Glaze's nail polishes. I have very weak and brittle nails which chip ALL the time, especially when I still do housework time to time. Somemore I'm so chor lor. :P Ever since I try Opi's Nail Envy, a Nail strengthener, hand in hand with China Glaze's nail polishes, my nails actually didnt chip for more than 4 days. Trust me, it's already a miracle.

Some people misunderstood China Glaze's from China. It's actually from L.A and the reason why they're called China Glaze is because they use China Clay in their nail polishes as a strengthener so that nails don't chip easily. I do agree that O.P.I has more amazing colours, brilliance and shine, but if possible I always go for China Glaze nowadays. Nails last longer. :)

If your nails chip easily, can try the following below. Remember to swipe the nails tips horizontally with a finishing move so that colours sealed in and lasts longer. French tips also helps.

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