Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday at Klapsons Hotel

My dearest hubby booked a mystery hotel stay for my birthday(9th aug)!!! Despite it being a mystery, even if he had told me, I wouldnt have heard of Klapsons, the boutique hotel before. Definitely something new for me, as he knows I like having new and unique experiences. I'm certainly hard to please. =P 

Very interesting concierge. Steps leading to an aluminium sphere with overhead ceilings illuminated with different colours every minute. Instead of boring, austere uniforms, receptionists were clad in a smart, dark blazer, paired with sexy snake-print tights. Wow, I like. Lol.

Furnitures in the hotel simply spells "designer", lends a classy yet funky edge. Klapsons only has 17 bedrooms and all are uniquely designed so that no 2 rooms are exactly the same. Rooms are located at 2nd and 3rd storey only.

We had the Klapsons Suite.

See how happy my darling is.

They have an open concept bathroom which consists of twin washing basins, a bathtub, rain shower. I super love the twin washing basins cum mirror concept. Saves so much time and hassle, ample space for us too. Initially I cant find the toilet bowl at all, it's most amusing. Finally dearie told me it's at the other corner of the room, with a glass door beside the tv console which opens up to it. Saw the buttock-washer-basin-or-whatever-it's-called ? It's damn shiok! Lol. I really love everything about the suite because it's very spacious and open everywhere but yet not overly huge that it reeks of spookiness. I can see almost everything at 1 glance(other than the wardrobe corner). I especially dislike suites with adjoining rooms to living rooms etc because sometimes I'll wonder what is behind the closed bedroom door or the closed living room door. You get what I mean huh? Cant blame me!! I have numerous paranormal encounters with hotels already.

As if the suite couldnt please me further, I was greeted with this.

Outdoor private Jacuzzi!! I love jacuzzi!! Lovely sofas too.
But erm ya, preferably not in the sun. More romantic at night. =)
FYI, all suites have private jacuzzis.

Overjoyed to find these too!!

Skeptical that they might just be as forgettable as the Bvlgari toiletries which I've used at Swiss Stamford Suites, Chopard's toiletries are surprisingly indulging and luxurious. I have to say their shampoo is the best shampoo I've ever tried. The texture is kinda gel-like but not overly thick. Lathers very easily and upon lathering it, hair instantly softens so much that it's kinda amazing. Hair washing instantly became an enjoyable process. Hair was already smooth and soft even before applying conditioner, as if already conditioned. And I noticed my scalp remained fresh for more than 10hours. Super love!

On the other hand, the conditioner was nothing special or rather, it didnt make my hair even softer and smoother than it already was after shampooing. Maybe the shampoo outshines the conditioner too much, you'll feel it's kinda redundant. Fragrance wise, it's more of a masculine, cologne kind of smell which I like. Yes, I like masculine smells.....Haha.

The shower gel also carries the same scent and texture. Usually my skin becomes dry and tight during hotel stays, however, with Chopard's shower gel, skin simply feels smooth and not dry/tight throughout the night. I have no need to use Chopard's body lotion(not pictured) at all but I did lugged them home la~ Wahahahaha~

However, the hairdryer was a major turn-off. It has only hot air and it simply fried my hair. =( All the goodness of the shampoo was wasted! Hair-dryer is very very important! Hopefully Klapsons can improve on that. Also, I realized the room isnt super sound-proof. I have very sharp ears(and nose too, like doggie. Lol) and I can hear some singing/music time to time in the evening. Suspected it's from Fabrika(will elaborate later on.)

Some pictures we took at the hotel

Lobo around in the suite till evening time where we loitered out to grab our dinner. There wasnt much stuff to eat and we had Sakae Sushi at Icon. I was quite annoyed actually. Because I ordered a set of sushi which should come in 8 identical pieces and horrendously I noticed few pieces of the 8 were easily HALF the standard size of a sushi. Have you ever seen sushi which is like 1CM wide?? 真是气死我了!! If it wasnt my birthday eve and if I wasnt that hungry, I really would have.....arrggghhh! I cant imagine how they have the cheek to serve it right up to me. I really despise corporations like these. I rather they priced the sushi set higher, say 8 pieces at...(I forgot the price...maybe $15 etc) maybe $18? Or 4 pieces at $10 or simply 2 pieces at $5, you know, to make it exclusive or something. But certainly not this way to cheat your customers. That's so unethical. 

Some pics taken at the hotel on the way back.

Klapsons gave us a free drink coupon at Fabrika so we made our way there. It's located at Tower 15 just next to Klapsons, 17th storey. It's an alfresco sky terrace bar with cocktails, spirits, champagnes, wines and beers. I was quite awed by it because I think I've never seen a alfresco bar with a ceiling so high. It was easily like 1.5-2storeys high. Pardon my sua-gu-ness. It was very very windy then, with large fans. Not cooling, not hot, warm. The air lingered with smoke smell as all are free to smoke. =( The band is actually not bad. A female lead singer with a guitarist and percussion player. They sing jazz(on wednesday). They have different bands on different days and FYI, the friday's band suck. 

Our free drink was half a pint of Heineken each. Oh well. If you're looking for somewhere to chill, particularly if you loveeeeee smoking, you're probably love it here. The crowd are mostly executives, some wannabes, some SPGs, some angmos and expatriates, with eyes lurking everywhere as if looking for preys. HAHAHAHA. 

We made our way back to our suite after our drinks and got ready to enjoy our jacuzzi. =) Actually the open area does look safe(from snooping) from outside but hmm....actually we can still see some office if anyone use a binoculars, it's still possible to snoop. Although it's highly just dont feel safe I wore my bikini which I bought from bugis street previously. =)

Dearie placed those candles. So sweet and lomantic. =D

Flowers from dearie and birthday cake from hotel. Smuacks!!!

Cake was overly sour by the way. Lol. But good effort lah. By the way, the suite comes with complimentary bar, which is basically a can of sprite, coke, a bottle of beer and orange juice and a pack of biscuits. Ok, better than nothing. Hahaha. I love the Chopard's toiletries so much that I shamelessly requested for 2 more sets. They came promptly with pleasure. Thumbs up!!

Next morning, we had our complimentary breakfast at The Sleeping Rhino, a bistro-styled restaurant at lobby level. I did not bother taking any pictures because....there were actually nothing much to take. The waiter came to take our omelettes order(you can choose other eggs if you want). I've never seen a breakfast buffet table so small. =(  Food was so scarce that I'm so paiseh to take because it would appear that I empty all the food and I'm not sure whether they were other patrons. There were like only 3 pax's portions on the table as if the chef is so afraid of wastage. I mean, I understand la....if the hotel wasnt well....filled up. But you also cant put so little food bah. There were ham, croissants, sauteed mushrooms(very nice), fruits, some juices/milk, cornflakes, bacon and sausages. That's it! *faints* I cant even fill myself up because there were no potaoes or harshbrowns or anything. *sobs* We did request for more sauteed mushrooms and the chef did whip us some more....still, it was like a toddler's portion. Hellooooo~~~ Need to be so niao or notttttt~~~ Anyway, they closed their section promptly at 10am I think. 

Went shopping at Bugis, again. So happy because my shopping got sponsored on my birthday!!!! =D
Bought TONS of stuff which I love love love. Maybe another entry next time. =P Thanks hubby!!! 

Lunch at Poulet, Illuma.

French Onion Soup - Overly salty
My braised duck leg - Very nice, tender and flavorful!!
Tiramisu - Overly soggy and watery, failed!

But it's a very nice environment, bright and open, plays very nice music too. 
Will go back to try other dishes. =)

We had dinner at Everything with Fries, at Bugis Junction before our movie. But it wasnt anything spectacular. They had this national day special chilli crab soup which was not bad, just a tad spicy for a soup and no real crabmeat, but it's for a limited period I guess. Our special set, barramundi, was okay. 

I had a wonderful and fantabulous birthday with you, honey!! Thanks for being a part of my life and letting me to be part of yours too. Never be apart. Love you much!! Smuacks!!! =D


  1. Hi dear, just to check with you that is the suite that you are staying in BIG?

    1. Hi girl. Not sure your BIG is how big, but it's stated as 50sq m in the website.
      I feel it's not really big but just nice for 2 pax. The jacuzzi is outdoor though. =)

    2. Only suites have jacuzzi? Others dont have?

    3. yeah I think so.That's why the suite is much more expensive than other rooms

  2. Nice & well written post ! Hope you had a great fun !! Just wondering if Groupon really provides the discount up to 70-80% on travel deals ?

    Sarah | groupon singapore voucher code

  3. Hi there, I've been very confused because the pictures shown are reflected on their website as oasis suite. Is this the oasis suite or the Klapson suite? :)

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      All along I thought it's Klapson Suite...