Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pupa serums - best firming serums ever

I swear by PUPA's firming serums. I have their whole collection.

Lol. I've tried Clarins, Bio-essence, Nivea too but PUPA is by far the most effective and results can be seen almost overnight. Bought bulk of them at robinson at any 2 for S$118. Breast serums will be the most worthy item as it was originally priced highest. Otherwise you can get them at SASA or Watson. Friends can call me for my IC number to get SASA VIP extra 5% discount.

Here's my review: Basically, most of them work amazingly, namely for the breast, bottom(not pictured), arms and thigh. For me, the effects can be seen overnight and you don't actually need to apply alot. Just a dollop will do for all and slightly lesser for breasts.

It doesn't leave behind a greasy residue although you'll still feel you've applied something, but it's not sticky. Heavenly smell. It's a lighter consistency for the breast serums. Initially, I used the arm serum for my thighs, since they're effective but they do not work for thighs. You have to specifically buy the thigh serum for thighs to be effective, how weird, but I have no reason to lie to you. So just simply use specific serums for the targeted areas. They definitely made my limbs firmer and less wobbly when I walk or wave my arms. Lol.

For the abdomen serum, I didn't see much difference. Perhaps it might be it's newly bought and I didn't use it that frequently like the others. Or it might be I don't really have a bulging stomach. Though, the assistant did urge me to buy 2 bottles instead of 1 because his customers feedback it's more effective after 2 bottles.

For the cheek-enhancer(not pictured, serum to firm cheeks), I didn't see any significant results though it didn't break me out.

I was highly recommending the breast serums to my friends and 1 of them remarked that she don't have very big boobs so she don't need. That's definitely not true leh. Big or small also need to firm. Because firm boobs will look bigger! And of coz more appealing lah. For big boobs, all the more you need firming because when breasts are heavy, they tend to sag more than smaller ones.

Gravity, we must fight our enemy!!


  1. Always be cautious in choosing products to use to avoid any unexpected results.

  2. Ya I do exercise extra care when choosing products for my sensitive face, though it's kinda hard to control for unexpected negative results! Thanks for your advice ya! =)