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U. S Part 6/10 Las Vegas

Continuation from U.S Trip

I reverted to my last U.S entry, saw that it was on Las Vegas and happily thought I merely left San Francisco's pictures to finish the whole U.S entry. Alas, I then realized L.A's entry has been split into a few because of the number of pictures and different days etc because our itinerary goes; L.A -> L.V -> L.A -> S.F(San Francisco) -> L.A. ZzzzZzz. I still have 4 more entries after this. Whole U.S trip got 10 parts. In fact, I just realized still left some Las Vegas pictures haven upload. =~( Just have to finish blogging them. =S

So....where am I....okie yup.......continuation from the last entry...U.S Part 5 Las Vegas, we were stillllll in Las Vegas, like the hottest place on the planet. Here we were, at Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The World's 7th Natural Wonder. It's 2 billion years of geologic history bla bla....extracted from the itinerary. But actually, to me hor, not a lover of nature, it's basically a pile of rocks lor. In a muddy colour. Sorry but I just dont feel impressed!!

LOL...see my sibei impatient, buay song look. Sibei hot lah!!! 

GIANT Cactus!! Taller than a man!!!! WAH!!! 
I'm trying to be impressed so help me!~!~

"Millions of people each year stand in AWE at the Grand Canyon and leave with a sense of fulfillment and realization that they witnessed nature at her finest" 

Wow!! I didnt know the admin from tour agencies can write so well!!!
Or maybe they copied from the internet. Lol. 

I was like.........." this only ah....."

Actually, the "Skywalk" is a teeny bit more interesting actually. It's the new gigantic construction built on the very edge of the Grand Canyon west rim. With it's bottom made entirely out of glass, you felt as if you're walking on thin air right smack in the middle of the Grand Canyon. Dearie warned me it might a tad scary since I'm afraid of heights but actually it's pretty okie. I did witnessed an uncle, with both his hands holding on the railing, scampered round the whole round-shaped bridge. He used barely 3 minutes I think. Haha. Kinda funny. We queued for more than 45minutes okie, but slowlyyyy walked for around 10minutes. No pictures can be taken on it, although you can pay for pictures taken by the staff on it. Lunch was provided and it's chinese food was surprisingly good.

Some of my colleagues took the optional helicopter tour at around US$200 or so and they said it's very worth it.

Quick snap when we passed by the Hoover Dam in the coach.

I think the best which came out of the whole Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam trip was Dearie bought his favorite item out from the whole U.S trip from the souvenir shop. It's limited edition.

At night, we walked around our hotel to find food and we passed by this beautiful chapel.

What a lovely garden................

Adorable well and flower garden.

Actually it was still pretty dark as it's closed. A teeny bit spooky as we walked further in. But we only stayed awhile before leaving.

A group of us took the bus and cruised around Las Vegas in the evening. Some pictures that we took in their hotels and along the streets etc. We also shopped very long at Walgreen before heading back. I love Walgreen!!! Can they open 1 in Singapore too?? I think I prefer Walgreen to Watson and SASA!

At Caesar Palace hotel where dearie bought me a COACH bag from their boutique.
Love love love!! =D 

It's like a city that never sleeps!! It's so lively, vibrant and bustling with people and activities. 

We can see many characters like X-men, Spiderman, Spongebob square pants etc on the streets and you just pay them US$1 or US$2 to take pictures with them.

Some of my colleagues won big money at the casinos. They said they learnt a special technique where chances of winning is very high but you can only win abit at a time. But 积少成多, it's few hundreds of win too, some got thousands. Dearie and me wished to try out too, we also wished to see the spectacular view from our Stratosphere hotel, but we're simply toooo deadbeat. we concussed right after our baths.

Next stop: Back to Los Angeles..........

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