Monday, August 13, 2012

My favorite lazy supper food!!

I totally can't live without this 3 supper food in my fridge. Instant noodles still need to cook and wash pots/utensils etc. Gets sick after awhile and sometimes i cant finish a packet when I'm not super hungry. Tidbits can be a tad dry to munch at times.

When I want something soupy, I'll have CP shrimp wanton soup. 3.5mins in my microwave and they're good to eat. 12-piece pack is more worth it than their 5piece bowl. Heard there's a jumbo 50pieces pack too. Can also add them into your instant noodle.

If I'm hungrier, I'll heat up Vienna sausages with mashed potatoe. Around 5mins is all it takes. Stir evenly when it's around 4mins.

When I have a sweet tooth craving, I'll pop these chocolate eclairs right into my mouth after taking them out from the fridge. I can eat 6 at a time!! Somehow feel they're less sinful than ice-cream. :) Less hassle, no need to scoop or wash cups etc.


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