Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 47th National Day & Happy 30th Birthday to me......

Suddenly at a loss at what to mean blog.

Wow...I'm 30. 
As if this feeling just sinks in only.... I'm not going to deny that I'm afraid of aging. Actually I worry more about aging inside than aging on the outside, if you get what I mean. 

Still, I have to embrace the fact that I just hit the 30s club. Lol. Not to worry though, I'm joining a bigger group and leaving a smaller group because most of my closer friends are older than me or same age as me. Hahahaha. I'm still a 小妹 among them. Wagagaga. 

Really thankful for my wonderful friends' wishes and of course my great hubby!! He had arranged an awesome way to celebrate my birthday and I'm thankful he came into my life. =D Will blog about my meetups with friends and birthday with hubby soon.

My hubby is soooOooOo funny lah. I was busy replying every single birthday sms on my iphone and got kinda...distracted with some group chats about where to meet for some gatherings coming this few days....when he suddenly got silent and then blurted, "Dear, you're not doing anything behind my back hor?" 

My immediate response: "神精病啦!!!"


Some movie reviews, hope it's not too late for your consideration.

Movie: Total Recall
Ratings: 2.8/5
Comments: Erm....I fell asleep during the middle. What can I say leh? It's like, yes, the movie is action-packed....Colin is considered good-looking...but I dont know, somehow the character's like he dont own the character. You know like, Matt Damon in "Bourne" series, Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean", Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible", Liam Neeson in "Taken"....etc etc. (Btw, Taken 2 is coming out!! Super excited!!)  I dont know why the whole show doesnt seems engaging to me. It's like Jessica is acting HER part and Colin is acting HIS part. And Kate just keep giving that evil and cunning face all by herself. =/ I cant feel any chemistry among allllll the cast. 

Movie Title: The Bourne Legacy
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: Hmm....Initially we thought Jeremy is taking over Matt's role as Jason Bourne but it's not the case. Started off slowly and was kinda boring. Got much better at the back as it got more thrilling with the actions. Still got lots of room for improvement......plot is kinda weak, straight-forward, no twist, no urgency, no climax. Worth a watch if you have nothing to do. =)

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