Monday, August 13, 2012

Gathering at White Bar

It's August, my birthday month and I took the opportunity to meet some friends. =)
Great catch-up sessions, and this was one of them, at White Bar. 

Tmd lo.....only just saw this pic with Ken showing his 3 fingers.....Ji dan.....
Fine, I know I'm 30 lah okayyyy!!!! Together with Sean, Jack and Terry~

Actually Sean and Ken have something going on. Can you see?

Trying to act normal

But eventually they cant control themselves!!! It's a triangle-relationship.......sigh..........

Actually all 3 of them are gay~ As you can see from the following pictures. =) 
Cel(Sean's wife), is just a cover-up. Lol
Alright, I'm totally kidding. 

 With my 2 cheerful honeys, Jovi and Jovita

*Smooch smooch*

I love you all too!!! Smuacks!!!

With Cel, Jack, Jovi, Jovita. 
Dont know how Ken take pictures's like his fingers blocked the flash or something.
Half of our bodies are in the dark. Blearh~
Jack is so gone, again. Like, what's new? =P



I seriously have to practice more on the erm....act-cute gestures.
So hopelessly boring and spastic. I ownself see also sian. Wahahaha~

Terry, Ivan & Sean
Oh Ivan is also 姐妹 =)

Lol Why our body postures so weird~ Lace cardigan and hot shorts from bugis village and sailor stripes tube top from bangkok. :D  

Lol. Jack drank till 翻白眼!!!
Obviously, he cant make it liao~

愛的抱抱 =D

愛的抱抱 =D

Tipsy already.......... *_*

Ken ken-not liao. 

See the 2 empty towers? Lol! We had 7 towers in all!

WJ, YL and Jason. 
Thanks for making way down despite so late and tired after your work/engagements!

Very happy to see them. Played 5-10 as usual. Hee!


Cel(to sean): You have, I also have.
Wahahahahaha Kiddin!

Lol!!! So violent.
Someone used my camera to snap around!

‘’我们只有十八岁‘’ =)

They had wanted to celebrate with me on my birthday eve 8th Aug by having a big night out clubbing.......saying a chill-out at ktv pub is totally unacceptable. (=.=)'''''' I feel they just wanna make me drunk lor....=P Haha But I'm old already leh....dont wish to club....once in a blue moon maybe. =P Anyway, I'm spending birthday eve and actual birthday with hubby as he had booked a mystery hotel stay. So thanks dear friends for the sweet thought!! =D I'm happy enough that all of you made time on a weekday night to meet up altogether despite all your commitments and work schedule!! We'll wait for Jovi's birthday which is in Sep!! We can party then. Hee! Love you all much!!!

Oh yes, if you had noticed, my hair colour changed drastically. I'm quite bothered about it because it's too light! Totally a mis-cue of my hairstylist. I had wanted light brown, not this golden brown. Sigh!!! Have a feeling I will turn totally blond by the end of August. =/ My boss is so going to kill me. I dont think I can dye a darker colour soon because it will spoil my hair as the previous hair dye was only few months ago.

I'm super sick during the birthday week till now. Throat is so sore that I hardly have any voice.
 =( When I tried to talk, Von said I sound like Ah GUA. Wahahahaha!  Have this TB-liked cough which will make your skin crawl if you hear how I cough. I can cough till I feel like vomiting. Still haven recover, went to see doc again. Sigh........hope I have enough time to rest and recover.

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