Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review of DHC Cleansing Oil, Biore Makeup remover

I've been using Biore Hydra-Clear Make-up remover, which is basically a cleansing oil in their blue bottle for YEARS. It's my holy grail product. It has been serving me very very well because it removes absolutely everything, like waterproof mascara, eyelash glue etc, although I always follow up with double cleansing after that. It's a must after cleansing oil makeup remover.

However, ever since I switched to using Darkness, the glue for falsies over DUO eyelash glue, I had trouble removing the glue reside from my eyes. I do not regret using Darkness because IMHO, it's the best eyelash glue around. Falsies stick on all day and never bulge. And sometimes even when I impatiently tug them out(wrong step, please dont follow), my eyelids dont feel hurt. It's not that the glue is difficult to remove. Merely you need to pull them out from your lashes, they do come out easily and doesnt tug your lashes at all, just that they simply do not come out after oil/foam cleansing. 

It's actually nothing serious, just that after oil cleansing and foam cleansing, I need 1 more step; a.k.a eye makeup remover to remove the glue residue, gently tugging them away from my lashes. 

So being the typical lazy me, I wish to sought out a cleansing oil which can once again remove EVERYTHING including the Darkness eyelash glue residue and I tried out DHC, because it was widely raved. I know about all it's benefits and if you're interested, you can read them up at their DHC website. But if you can only read on what I have to say first.

Review: Super Negative

I am super irritated with it because not only it's far more expensive than Biore, it doesnt cleanse HALF as well as Biore. It cant remove the eyelash glue residue, that's fine, but it even pose problem at removing waterproof mascara. Quite the lousiest oil cleanser I've ever tried!! Fancl is second to Biore, just that it's expiry date and price is not attractive since I always have to force myself to finish before it expires. Shu Uemura comes third, in terms in power of cleansing.  I hated the smell of DHC cleansing oil too. Whatever organic/olive oil it claims, it has a very "oily" smell and I felt like I'm literally applying oil to my face.

Although we're supposed to remove our contact lens before removing our makeup with cleansing oil, I've always leave them on since I'm not sleeping after makeup removing. There has never been a problem with Biore, but DHC irritates my eyes too. It might be because they're more watery than Biore, that's why it tends to get into my eyes.

And just because it's over S$40, which is very expensive in my opinion for a makeup remover, I dont wish to waste it. However, I'm beginning to lose my patience. It's annoying me every night after makeup removing. I'll probably give it to friends who do makeup but dont apply mascaras. Ultimately, I believe it's still a good-quality oil and it didnt break me out.

In short, I hated it and I regretted spending money on it, especially when I know perfectly Watson is over-pricing them by a huge degree. Watson is super greedy.....they used to sell Fairydrops platinum mascara(the rose gold tube) at below S$20 and then jacked up to around S$24 when it's selling well. This is what I call "SWORD". They think people dont notice? Actually I kinda remember Biore's cleansing oil(blue bottle) was around S$19.90  few years ago and then it also raises to S$23.90 too. Inflation? But other items on the racks doesnt seem to go up that much. Why?

Being desperate, I bought another cleansing oil by Biore, when my fave blue bottle wasnt on the racks!

Biore Aqua Jelly makeup remover

Heard they're new. Heard they're the same as the blue bottle. Heard they're better because it's serum-based. 
I dont care already, I'm desperate! So I bought it and tried it.
They're just not the sameeeeeeeeee!!!
It doesnt remove makeup as effectively as my beloved Biore Hydra-clear makeup remover(blue bottle)!!!!!!!

I want back my Biore Hydra-clear makeup remover(blue bottle)!!!!!!!!!!!

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