Thursday, August 2, 2012

U.S Part 5/10 Las Vegas

Continuation from U.S Trip

Our itinerary goes; L.A -> L.V -> L.A -> S.F(San Francisco) -> L.A

So pictures are rather jumbled up. In fact, I'm ALL JUMBLED UP. Looking at the pictures, sometimes I dont even know where I was. =S

Hotel in L.V: Stratosphere Casino Hotel
A very unique hotel with thrilling bungee rides at a fee. Great view too from the peak but the queue was horrendous because visitors from other hotels also came. They need to pay a fee though.

Night life in Las Vegas is glamorous. Among the U.S states, Las Vegas had the worst weather because not only it was hot, it was very very dry as well. During the daytime, it was like as if hairdryers blowing at you from different directions. At night, it was just slightly cooler. Still, we did enjoy the night scenery alot along Fermont Street Viva Vision. It was simply gorgeous in Bellagio. Caught the fountain show too. Breathtaking beauty!! We also took a bus to some hotels like Caesar Palace hotel(bought a COACH bag from the boutique there) and also some shopping at Walgreens. Caught the Jubilee(topless) show(US$98) too...but it was nothing to be raved... Quite many of us watched till we snooze...and surprisingly, the guys too. Lol. The greedy tour guide overcut us by around US$20 per pax for the tickets. Boo!! We didnt catch the La Vie show(US$180) but heard it was great.


Dearie with Roy

Fake Eiffel tower!! It's the Eiffel tower restaurant. Not bad huh!

Sigh................scenery all turns out sharp but people are just blur. =(

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~~~ Dont know what's wrong with blogger, some pics turned out rotated wrongly and I had to remove them. Arrggghhhh!

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