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U.S haul *edited*

HelllloOOoOoo~~~ I'm back from U.S!~! Visited Hawaii, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco for a total of 15days. Still suffering from minor jet lag. Woke up at 3am the first night back in Singapore, 7am the next, and finally 9am today, which is so not me. I've been super guai lately. Imagine going to bed before midnight! I think that was only when I was in primary school. Haha~ Anyway, I know I gotta get some pics out to finish an entry on the whole trip. But I'm really super tired and lazy these days. Plus, there are still some pics with the others which I haven get hold of.

SoOoOOOo........let's just see my fabulous buys.....for now. =P I'll blog about the trip coupled with pictures in a few days' time. 

My new fave now: Laura Mercier
Mineral (loose and pressed) Power in translucent
Bought them at Sephora in Hawaii, Alamoana Shopping Centre and they around 30% cheaper than in Sg.
Read that their mineral loose powder is great and truly it is. So finely milled, they felt as light as air on skin. Translucent pressed powder to touch up. Their tinted moisturizer is much raved too. Bought the travel size in nude to try. Not much coverage from all of them but suits me fine for now.

I'm going for lighter and lighter coverage lately, from medium coverage foundations to light coverage ones(fond de teint) to bb creams and now to tinted moisturizer. Somehow, I dont feel like having anything heavy on my skin. Dont really know the reason, maybe because my age is catching up I guess.

Coverage wise is definitely not enough for me as pigmentation marks can still be seen, but I just let them be. *Shrugs* I do cover them up with concealer on some nights out la. Lazy~

Love this ALDO clutch! It's my fave Carnelian orange(kind of reddish orange), with gold rims. Stunning! 30% off and it's wayyyy cheaper than in Sg. 

Love this minty clutch by ALDO too! Instead of having a shoulder chain like the above, it has a circle hook as handle, isnt that cool max? =) Also 30% off. Both clutches were probably around half price or less of Sg's price I think. Happy like a bird. =D 

Actually I meant to buy a Kate Spade clutch but didnt see any nice ones in the boutiques and the ones at the premium outlets were so worn out. =(

Necklace also from ALDO, all accessories at 30% off too. Feather Earrings, pearl and heart diamante studs from Charlotte Russe which were like only US$5 or US$10? Really dont remember, just remembered that these gorgeous feather earrings were so damn cheap as compared to those feather earrings at Diva in Sg! 

All the mentioned ALDO stuff were bought in Hawaii, Alamoana Shopping Centre. Sadly, no shoes of my size.

I was pretty depressed that I couldnt find any of my size among all the sales in ALDO, but eventually I lugged back 3 pairs!! =D

The neon pink slingback cork wedges from Vince Camuto(San Francisco Citadel Premium Outlet), are my favorite because they're so light and comfortable to walk in. Fits me to a T. I think they might just be the highest pair of shoes that I ever own. Lol!  They're 50% off at US$40 and seriously they're worth every penny.

Orange bow platform wedges from Charlotte Russe from some premium outlet, at US$38. No discount. =( 2nd pair at US$12+ but I cant find another pair I fancy with my size. It was alittttle big for me actually, might need to slip in transparent soles. 

The last pair of black heels was around US$25 or so, bought at some premium outlet. 

Burberry watch, probably the best buy I had. It was around US$200+ I think, really dont remember. Anyway I simply grabbed it because I love the colour graduation on the textured straps, gorgeous! Unique mechanism, so no ugly buckle strap marks! And even if it's US$300, I would have grabbed it in a heartbeat because it's still so much cheaper than local Burberry watches which costs above S$500!

Meant to buy a watch which is suitable for casual wear because most of my watches are on the "glam" side and doesnt match my casual wear very well. Love this DKNY mother-of-pearl watch with diamantes rim. Alright, I just love bling-bling stuff lah.....casual also must bling abit. Lol. It has white rubber strap so no ugly buckle marks too. Looks kinda pro with the 3 clock faces(actually they're just stop-watch lah) and 3 dials. Lol. =P And this costs less than US$100!! =D

Bought the above 2 watches at Fossil at some premium outlets. Been to so many in L.A and L.V, e.g, Tanger Factory Outlet...that I dont really remember which outlet. 

Guess gem-like watch. Yes, this is so me. 
US$100+ I think, at a watch store in a premium outlet.

Bangles from Forever21. Hmm......they costs either slightly cheaper or around the same if they were sold in Sg but I just love the designs. Also, I bought TONS, really TONS of clothings from Forever21 because they're so gorgeous and average between US$8-US$20 only. Love max!

Actually bulk of my U.S buys are clothings and not bags. Other than Forever21, I also bought alot from a store call Local Fever at Honolulu Waikiki Premium outlet as well as G-stage at Los Angeles, Gardenwalk.  

Need I say more? 
Of course there're COACH. Sunglasses, costs only around US$67. Fits me nicely. I seldom find sunnies which fits me well so pretty happy with this buy!

Bags bags bags. Love the petite size and compartments, suits me great! 
It's only US$103!!!

A slightly bigger bag. Less than US$200. From premium outlet of coz. 
If you've realized, I'm geared towards nude colours like beige, brown, dusty pink and my all-time favorite, gold. =)

All the above mentioned COACH stuff were bought from factory outlets except the one below which was bought in a boutique at Las Vegas. And a point to note if you're intending to buy COACH in U.S, although Hawaii has the lowest tax at 4%, their prices were marked up the highest as it's a tourist attraction. So it's actually more expensive to buy in Hawaii as compared to other states in U.S 

COACH(factory outlets) accepts returns within 30days in U.S. You can do a return with or without exchange if you change your mind and prefer a different bag. It's even possible to do 1-for-1 exchange for the same bag you bought in, say, L.A. if you actually bought it at a higher price in Hawaii. You'll get back the difference in cash. Boutiques wise, do check the prices and dont buy blindly because they might be marked up even higher in Hawaii than in Sg.

Returns with receipts can be refunded with cash. While you're only entitled to store-credits at their lowest price(they have a range) if you dont have your receipt. I actually suffered a loss when I returned 2 COACH bags without receipts, sigh....still, I'm happy that they're still so much cheaper as compared to Sg la. Nicer designs too. 

Most brands like Louis Vuitton., Ferragamo are not really cheaper than in Sg but some models in Prada were actually cheaper by 30%. So it depends.

Multi-coloured with rose-gold trimmings COACH bag from a boutique at Las Vegas, Caesar Palace
Probably the only splurge for the whole trip I guess. It's of a newer design around S$380 as I remembered the amount because we paid by card. Comes with a longer strap to sling across body.

I actually saw another bag which is not bad too but didnt buy it. It's kind of similar to the one above, just that it's not multi-coloured, more of white and blue. And by chance, I saw the exact same piece selling in Sg boutiques at S$650+. Hereby confirmed that I had a good buy since the multi-coloured is definitely much prettier than the one which I didnt buy. =P

Alo bought 1 purple COACH bag for mummy dearest. =D

Kate Spade sailor bag. Very light and great for casual days. 
Think around US$200+, from some premium outlet.
Coincidentally, Angi bought a similar one. Haha. 

Dearie only bought some clothings and caps from Levi's, Calvin Klein, DKNY and some local U.S brands in premium outlets. His favorite buy will be this................





*Gim* Gold~ 
It's around US$250 from a tourist shop at Grand Canyon, Las Vegas.

It's sitting opulently on his writing desk now. Lol.
He said it's the only item he truly like among all his U.S buys.
I admit it's a very very classy piece....but seriously...    
Erm, I meant it's a very good buy lah as it's it's 1gram of 999.99 pure gold, very exquisitely made and limited edition too because the shop said they had stop producing them in US dollar templates. They're going to produce them with scenic pictures instead in future. I thought the US dollar template is definitely more worthy as a collection. They actually said this AFTER dearie bought it so it should be true. Initially it was Roy who bought it and when dearie saw it in the coach bus, he promptly went back to the shop to buy it because he loves it so much. Roy had an even better buy with a huge framed piece of 7 pieces of gold US dollar templates, in different denominations. It means it's a total of 7grams of gold and they're only US$450+!! And that truly was the last of last piece. Even dearie want to buy also dont have already. Thank god he had this to buy, else he will be so sad. Haha. 

So that concludes our shopping from U.S. 


As I've said, bulk of my buys are clothings and it's quite impossible to snap them because there's too many! 

And I really dont understand how we could have spend S$6K+ like that. *scratch head*
I guess it's all the meal expenses(not cheap) and misc expenses like Las Vegas shows etc. 
More on that on next post. =)

Okie...I'll update the blog on the U.S trip and accompanying pictures soon, very soon. 

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