Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sentosa with dearie

It was only yesterday that I remembered the deal I bought from will expire the very next day. (=.=)''''' Hence we got our asses down to Sentosa~ Thank god it was still an enjoyable trip despite being impromptu. Nothing much was planned, just to and fro by cable car, buffet dinner at Taste of Asia and then strolling in Sentosa. Just a mention that the deal is totally not worth it. Dont ever buy deals from However, it's the company that matters and it actually turned out more fun than we expected despite the damn hot and humid weather. The daytime and night cable car ride was like a wonderful prelude and ending for our day as the scenery is so beautiful. We haven visit Sentosa in a long while and everything seems fresh to us. Dearie remained as unfriendly to the camera as always whilst I got abitttttt excited when I saw some cutie statues and pestered him to take pictures of me, which I usually dont do. HAHAHA! =P

However, as night time falls, the pictures we took by my iphone became grainy. Not to mention dearie sucks as a photographer....either he chops off my legs or he chops off the monument....but the worst got to be his shaky hands. Many pics were blur and I had to sharpen them. There was one time when I needed to make him re-take 4-5times. Sigh....forgotten to take my Lumix out as we rushed out. =( The pictures werent that bad in the iphone...but became horrible once uploaded onto blogger. Cant stand grainy pictures, I'll rather not post them. Argh! Some slightly better ones below after relentless editing.

The cutie statues which I got excited about. Wahahahaha!! Like a kid I know. =P

I love this cutie sotong!!! Kekeke!

Speaks "I'm a Leo!!!" *Roarrrrrrs*


Love this pic! Too bad it's grainy. =(

Shall take more pics on our upcoming 2weeks U.S trip WITH my Panasonic Lumix.......disneyland, I'm cominggggg!!! =) 

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