Friday, May 18, 2012

Just because I'm bored......

Playing with "Mei Tu Xiu Xiu" app.... Finally upgraded to iphone4 with Starhub and said "byebye" to M1. M1, you suck, okie? Iphone4's camera is awesome, although still pretty grainy at night when without flash(2nd pic). Just realized some phone casings(especially thick ones) can affect pictures taken with flash, causing a stupid misty effect. Stupidly bought my first pretty case which have black and white mickey mouse prints with partial mirror, but yet cant use. =(  My second cutie melody phone casing is much better now. =)

Oh ya and I nearlyyyyyy lost my brand new phone one night while chilling at Royal Room, Pan Pac hotel with Jov and gang. Imagine my frantic-ness when I simply overturned my huge bag the next morning and couldnt find my phone! Thank god Jov kept my phone for me and she probably didnt remember to return me when I cabbed home in a rush. Got it back from her the next afternoon. Seriously I also dont quite remember what happen that night. Had alot of drinks, beer, wine, martini, long island tea. The last I remembered I was sobbing outside Royal Room in a rush of emo-ness, saying I'm so afraid of being a spoilt sport bla bla, while Jov and Ama consoled me that I'm certainly not. *Scratched head* I'm so bo liao and emo sometimes for no apparent reason. Am sorry that I left without saying bye to the group...especially to Cel...who came out and found all 3 of us disappeared as Jov and Ama went St james. I'm just so...cannot make it. Duhz....

We couldnt get to have dinner with mummy dearest on Mother's Day itself because she wasnt feeling well again.... Actually few weeks ago, we bought her in and out of Mt Alvernia too. Sigh.....thank god she's okie now. And we had lunch with her the previous week individually on different days when we're not working. =) Mother's Day, just like Valentines Day, is just a day. So long so you make effort to bring mommy out for lunch or dinner whenever you can make it, I do believe it's just as sweet. =) One sad thing though.....I always love to bring mommy out to eat good food....good food meaning high cholesterol food....but now because of her stomach problems...she always have to eat very light and healthy food.....and there are many food on the menu which she cant consume...due to too oily or spicy etc. Although there are always yummy healthy know it's not the same.... =( bring your parents out for good food while you still can....errr....of note their cholesterol level also lah... =P

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