Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm usually one who shuns bright colours. However, recently I am in this un-explainable summer mood and was drawn to anything which spells "summer" and "cheery". =D Bikinis, green, orange, yellow, hot pink, so not me. Suddenly my wardrobe actually has more colours. Haha. 

OOTD - Outfit of the day

Green Bikini - Marks & Spencer
This is not like a lime green or anything, and the green is pretty true to picture(on my com).'s in between forest green and teal, not too bright and not too dark. I love it because I think it suits my skin colour and more importantly, it doesnt feel flimsy, it's like really secure and provides support as well.

Orange top - H&M
I love it's high-low cut, meaning it's shorter at the front but longer at the back. I also love how the orange graduates to a yellow at the bottom. While the front is made of cotton, it actually has a translucent chiffon orange back. Love it so much that I bought it even though it's wayyyyy too big for me at size UK40. Might need to send it for alterations. With it's cheery summer colours and translucent back, it's more like a beach wear to pair with bikini instead of a bra or tube top. And I wore it with mine because our initial plan was to go Sentosa.....but eventually our plans changed, so I wore my denim jacket on top of it when we went Orchard instead.

Hot pink faceted beads bracelet - Forever 21
Comes in a bunch of 5 but I only wore 2 as I have small wrists

Olive Green shorts - Cotton On
The mostttttt comfortable shorts I've ever wore in my life. Love Love Love. Bought them in beige, black and olive green! What's more, it's $30 for 2!

EOTD - Eye of the day

Summer styles warrant summer make-up!

1) Maybelline Impact Express Felt Tip liner in black
2) Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara in black
3) NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 607 Horse Raddish(light green)
4) Ettusia eye-shadow in BE(shimmery cream beige)
5) TheFaceShop Sparking Pearl powder (shimmery white)

Line upper eyes and (only)bottom outer half of eye with 1), thinly 
Apply 4) as base on eye socket area
Draw upper eyes from mid till end with 3) and blend well
A touch of 5) on middle of eye and blend
Put on falsies(natural short ones from Daiso) and brush on 2) on bottom lashes. 

Keep makeup really light if you're having a summer look. 
Avoid vivavoom falsies, too thick an eye liner and dark eye shadows. 
Keep bottom eye as clean as possible, 1 coat of mascara will suffice.
A healthy blush is a must!

Bought tons of summer wear lately. =X
The weather is so freaking hot that I'm considering braiding my hair for all the summer styles. =P
Hmm......but I dont know how leh.

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