Monday, May 28, 2012

Front Line Commando!! Iphone App game!

Just today, dearie said he has a very interesting game app to introduce me, in his Samsung S2 android phone. And usually, I'm not games, especially app games. Well I dont know why but I simply lose interest very very quickly. I do like word games like Scrabble where you form words with the 7 letters but then I lost interest when people take forever to complete their turn(in iphone app). (=.=)'''' And so I kinda coerced dearie to play with me instead. But eventually we stopped playing because I got tired of winning and he got tired of losing. Wahahaha. Not that my language is better than his(he is so much better than me), but simply because he dont have the patience or rather the interest to spend slightly more time to come up with words with higher points.

I used to get reallyyyyyyyy crazy with Counterstrike(LAN game) and Gunbound(online PC game) but eventually withdrew when I realized my era had long gone and the people playing these 2 games are all kids. LOL. Hmm....the last game which I was pretty crazy with was Pangya, an online PC game of golf and I kinda remembered I spent quite alot on the equipment and costume etc just to make the game easier to play and my avatar pretty. HAHAHA. =X

Anyway, I was about to reject his recommendation when he said the game app involves "sniping". *Eyes lit up* Again, I thought it's some very simple, boring game which involves shooting the bull's eye etc. Downloaded to my iphone4S and I was pleasantly surprised that Front Line Commando really exceeds all my expectations and much more!

Brilliant graphics, realistic sound effects, meticulous details, acute precision which makes it such a challenging kick to have a head-shot. Play it...and you'll understand what I meant. As expected, throughout the game, there will be lots of temptations to lure you using real cash to buy better weapons, armors or to prolong your life etc. So far I haven give in and I will not succumb! =P

Different locations where you have different missions and every level consists of several missions.

Basically they're all quite the same, as in, just shoot whoever you see.

Most of the time, I choose to snipe simply because I can hit anyone and not greeted with a "out of range" etc.

And when you're can only shoot 1 you need to go back to the ammunition spot immediately to reload your one-and-only-bullet of ammunition...

Like WTF right...I understand....

Dont scream when you see like half a dozen of people shooting at you at the same time.

Dont grimace when the snipers have heads as BIG as a full stop.

Dont curse when assholes armed with machine guns have heads bobbing up and down.

I warn you first, this game isnt fair.

The god is not fair, the world is not fair, life is just unfair! So just accept it and challenge it!

It gets tougher as you go along, for example, you're not to shoot civilians, else points will be deducted. Oh ya, and head-shots definitely earn you more points than normal shots. 1 head-shot is enough to kill an enemy straight away with only 1 bullet, failing which, you will need multiple shots. So head-shots are strongly recommended since you can only reload one freaking bullet at any 1 time!

Anyway, I simply played every location randomly and there was this BINDRD which they mentioned something like when you cleared 5 waves, your progress will be saved or something like this? I'm not very sure, but because of this, I tried my best to survive past 5 waves. 5 waves meant 5 batches of terrorists. Everytime you finished killing 1 batch, they will ask for back-up and another batch will come...and yes it meant continuously there are 5 batches which you need to fire non-stop.

But hor....after I finished killing 5 showed......Wave 6 coming. (=.=)'''''''''''

In any case, I killed till I'm so blur....and dont know how....but eventually I came to Kamaal Hamid. 

And currently I'm stucked at this level 2, Kammal Hamid, which is....infuriating. WHY? There're terrorists ROAMING about in their TANKERS not-very-slowly with machine guns firing at me non-stop!! Hmm...maybe I should change guns. Because it's quite impossible for me to snipe a clean shot.

Oh...and I receded a game just to capture the screen shots.... =(

All in all, the game is pretty awesome and what is a game without any challenge? Strongly urge everyone to try it! =D Dearie felt so amused that a girl can get so obsessed with such a violent game. I'm just a guy trapped in a girl's body. Wahahaha!

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