Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Kitty Beauty Salon iphone app

Here's another iphone app which I think 90% of girls will loveeeeeeeee!!!

This app is very similar to Sally's Salon, Sally's Spa and Mulan's Chinese Medical. Of which, I think Mulan's the most interesting. However, I'll lose interests in these kind of games perhaps maximum a day? Because they're so repetitive, not very exciting and in short, not very challenging. Still, the cute graphics dont hurt! So you might like them! =)

What's so cute about Hello Kitty Beauty Salon  is because there are so many Sanrio characters in the game, like Little Twin Stars, Melody, Badtz-Maru, Kerokerokeroppi, Cinnamonroll and not only you can upgrade your salon as you advance in levels, you can get the Sanrio characters to assist you. Haha.

However, I heard some reviews saying this app is mainly cheating little children to buy credits. Lol. So do think twice if you're letting your children play it.  =D

Oh...and I do heard of the craze of Draw Something and Diabolo 3. For the former...I dont have any artistic talent. =( For the latter, I played before and concluded I dont have any interests for RPG you guys enjoy! =)

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