Sunday, December 16, 2012

Addictions, The Still Bar, Dempsey

Dearie brought me to Addictions for dinner. =)  Wonderful ambiance and I love sofa seats with cushions. =D

Although I would have preferred my crab bisque($12) with a thicker consistency,  thankfully, the flavour wasnt discounted. Kinda super miserable amount of crab meat. However, it's evident that both the crab meat as well as the bisque were prepared freshly. Accompanied by 2 slices of the best garlic bread I've tried. Light and crisp, fragrant with herbs(smelt like thyme?) and garlic,  I cant help but order a basket of 5($4) to go with the liquid soup.

Actually considering the very limited menu(consisting of mainly 2 soups, 4 pastas, 7 main courses, 4 desserts, many appetizers though) I would have high expectations of it's mains. My char-grilled beef tenderloin with herbed blue cheese butter and red wine sauce($32) was wonderfully presented, though I would love more vege. Incredible smooth texture, the beef was perfectly cooked to my preferred medium doneness with all it's juicy goodness being retained. HOWEVER, the accompanied red wine sauce was horribly wrong. Tasted very wrong and sour as if vinegar was accidentally poured more than it should be. Or was the red wine spoilt? The asparagus were under-cooked and the carrots were totally raw. While the latter was still edible,  I'm not a rabbit leh. I prefer to my vege to be cooked, thank you very much. Lastly, lumpy mash was pretty unforgivable as even KFC makes smooth mash.

Dearie ordered triple chocolate treat($12), consisting of chocolate ganache, chocolate marquise and molten chocolate cake which sounded so terribly sweet even to my ears. Indeed they are. But probably chocolate lovers will adore it. I just dont have a sweet tooth, I must admit. 

All in all, service was friendly and attentive, considering that we're the ONLY customers throughout. But there were times which we had to shout to the empty restaurant so that the servers stepped down from the 2nd storey. Which was a tad annoying.  

For the quality and freshness(not the execution) of the food as well as the ambiance of the place. ..okay service, I thought the price of the food and alcohol are reasonable. Wines, martinis etc cost around $12-$15 per glass. Instead, the non-alcoholic beverages seemed overpriced. Alcohols are the way to go! Haha!

We then adjourned to The Still Bar, just nearby(same establishment), which was the main reason that we wanna dine in Addictions because Kumar's performance was at 10.30pm!! Cover is $25 for Kumar's show, comes with 1 free drink. Happy hour is from 5-9pm and prices are extremely friendly at around $10-$12 etc per glass of wine. However, kinda disappointed that they didnt come around asking for last HH orders and dearie ordered his 2nd chardonnay slightly after 9pm at around $16?...We kinda forgot about the happy hour. It was pretty empty even at 8+pm and the miserable number of tall tables seemed very very odd as it makes the place even more sparse. Deco was......zzzz.......dearie commented that he felt that he's in a CC with tons of cheapo ugly Xmas decorations.....I rather thought I'm in a function room, with all the black curtains....

We were being ushered into another separate room for Kumar's performance...again...the room's deco was...seriously, my secondary's classroom looks better. That being said, we enjoyed Kumar's performance immensely. There were 2 sets with a short 15minutes smoking break for him in between. Haha. Really laughed until stomachache manzz. Even though there were little repetitions for some jokes which he already shared previously(we watched via Youtube), it was still very funny! He has amazing lightning fast reflexes! On top of my Sauvignon blanc which came complimentary with the cover, I also had a 1 pint Erdinger at $18. Ordered nachos with cheese($12) and they were not bad....although I wished the cheese were warm.

There was live band performance consisting of 2 girls in The Still Bar at around 10+pm, which Kumar commented they looked like boys instead. Haha kinda funny...but I did got a shock when I saw them after I came out from the ladies. (=.=)'''' Kumar wasnt lying. But well......I thought they sang pretty well. Had to give their performance a miss as we're watching Kumar's show in another room.

Hmmm...................seriously, half the crowd in The Still Bar were lesbians/butches!!! Other than that, there's a mix. There were people as young as teens, and people of around our age. There were executives as well as ah bengs. Lol. Really is 龙门客栈.

The night's total expenses came up to a total of around $200, around $100 each for either venue. Both places give 15% discount for AMEX cards, except on the cover of Kumar show. We will probably ONLY return for Kumar, and nothing else.

Thanks my dear, for arranging this lovely night. =D

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