Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy birthday honey........

Shag Shag Shag~~~ Just a quick entry. It's was my honey's birthday on 4th Dec, Tuesday. We had a tiff on his birthday eve and it wasnt really until like 6th Dec then we made up. Talked about bad timing. But still, being the very nice wifey I am, I still plan some stuff although I was still pretty pissed off with him that time. Went for body polish and massage at Spa Rael(Goodwood Park Hotel, beside Fareast Plaza)) with Huey's compliments!! It's actually my birthday present but Huey bought me the Groupon 2pax option to enjoy with hubby. So sweet of her!! =) We top up S$38 for the couple suite and the room was pretty big, with 2 massage beds wide apart, a cosy jacuzzi and a shower cubicle. We did enjoy the massage, however, I just feel the scrub used was kinda too rough.

Bought dearie to The Pump Room, Clarke Quay for their very nice cod.

Service sucks big big time, AS USUAL. For most of the times, we need to yell stupidly for attention. And guess what, the number of servers were like 3 times more than the customers(only us and another table) but yet each and every sickening FT was like bloody busy daydreaming and staring at the cash register. 

Thank god the grilled cod did not disappoint! We both enjoyed the cod(S$38) very very much. It comes in this super thick succulent piece, perfect texture with each slice as crisp as well as delicate like a pure white rose petal. Wonderful! Well-seasoned, good to eat on it's own, also good to eat with it's accompanied sauce if you love more flavor. I would say the taste is more towards Asian.

However the crab cakes(S$16) was merely OK. Fortunately we do like the mango salsa. 

The salmon salad(S$18) is a disappointment and rip off. 
The raw salmon was warm and pretty tasteless. Warm salmon sashimi is gross to the max.

I had very little little time to shop for dearie's pressie due to work. It gets harder and harder to buy something ideal because he already owns many stuff from different brands, in different prints and I wished to get him something which he haven seen before. Not to mention, my whole agency carries branded stuff. I wish to get him something different and not as common. But yet, I want something durable, scratch-resistant too. He definitely needs a wallet. Finally I got it. Am very pleased with my choice too. =)

=( Pictures slightly grainy. 

Briefcase/Sling bag and Wallet

Happy boy

I thought they are gorgeous in real life. =)  Love the little details and the metallic black. Classy with cool, funky edge. Pretty scratch resistant and definitely more durable and outstanding than their classic range of wallets. It's one of dearie's favorite brand too because he likes something more subtle and not as loud. Yes I think he likes it. =)

Now I need to get back to work and try to earn back these monies. =P

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