Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Xmas 2012!!!!

Merry Christmas everyoneeeeeeee~~~ So tired!! Friends are falling sick all around me!! Simply too much fun and too little time to rest isnt it??!!! Please get well soon all!! Damnz, while my papsmear results are normal, my medical checkup at Raffles Hospital just revealed that I have high cholesterol!!! Doctor wrote there to advise me to cut down on red meat, shell fish, internal organs and so many food!!! =( No foie gras, la la, prawns, crabs for me liao. Boo hoo~!~!~!~ To think dearie proposed a crab feast during the weekends with in-laws. *sobsssssss*

Collected many fabulous Xmas pressies too(I also gave out fantastic ones =P) and had a wonderful Xmas Eve Party with my colleagues. I'll update if/when I have the time, hopefully so if/when I get hold of some pictures. Meeting my fave girlies very soon this week and I'm so looking forward to it!! Also had a lovely time on Christmas day itself pator-ing with my lovely and sweet hubby who simply gave me the bestest bestest Xmas pressie!! Love love love!!! Too much stuff to update but I'm simply so shag now!! Just a short movie review and I need to sleep soon too!

Movie Title: CZ12
Ratings: 4.8/5
Comments: Isnt it titled "Chinese Zodiac" when we were buying the tickets? Anyway, this is one show not to be missed!! Really! Missed any movie this year and never this!! This is Jackie back into action!! I've always been a loyal fan of his movies and as much as I like him, I understand he has been cutting back on all his actions, moves etc as his age caught up. Which is definitely no blaming on him! Oh manz, the hero is over 50!! BUTTTTTT, for CZ12, my eyes can see and my heart can feel the old Jackie is back! His agile moves, his funny antics and dialouge, the signature popping of mints with style, Oh, how I've forgotten I missed his movies so much. He is back. He really is. More than that, on top of his usual fancy actions, this time there is really some eye opener stuff. Spoiler no more, just catch this flick!!

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