Friday, January 4, 2013

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Cant really describe and explain the sheer joy of simply my hubby coming back home to me. This is love I guess. =) Of course, my darling bought me supper too! Hee. That's probably why I'm getting fatter and fatter.

It has been a super unlucky week for me as I kept falling sick. One illness after another, or rather, when it rain, it pours. =( So I'm on a 5days course of antibiotics. To make things worse, I suddenly developed a lump under my chin near the throat, which is super painful even when I'm not talking. :~( It rather felt like I have an adam's apple(some distance above the throat though). ZzzZzz....I wonder is it linked? I'm so worried it might be a tumour or something...but I guess not....Dr Tan told me before all our organs are linked. Sometimes you have sorethroat but your ear gets swollen instead! It's more bizarre. Anyway....if tomorrow the pain doesnt cease, I might make a trip down to see Dr tan again......Sigh....... I'm just feeling super grouchy, restless and emooooo. Thank god tomorrow both dearie and me are off. =D

Damn, and my Note 2 is in for repairs. I have trouble charging it. =(  And it's 3-5 working days. Now, I'm using dearie's iphone3 and I feel most frustrated without the "back" button. And I couldnt see my contacts at all because they're not visible unless I import them into the handphone(which I dont want lah because it's hubby's phone). No what'sapp too. My own iphone3 was locked with password and I forgot my password.
I think it's more detrimental for me to stay home than go outdoors as you know..paying with paypal is so easy. =P I bought a ton of things from alldealsasia and Some for me and some for the household. =D

Precision Food Chopper at S$19.90

Precision Food Chopper with Interchangable Blades and Accessories (Worth $74.50). Courier Delivery Option Available.

Just watch the video and you will be sold!!
I think it's does look easy and effortless in the video. It will save me so much time in cooking.

I also bought this..........Hee.....

Smartz Lids Package (Set of 4 Different Sizes) at S$12.90

Only $12.90 instead of $39.90 for Smartz Lids Package (Set of 4 Different Sizes) + FREE Postage !!

Main reason is because it keeps food fresher for a longer time and it's easier to store food this way; i.e, I dont need to waste all my small plates to cover them.

If you're interested in buying this, or just anything from, do use my link as a friend, You can get ADA$5 credits to spend. If you did make a purchase, then I'll have ADA$10 too... =)

I'll share some good buys(if they are....haven receive them yet) from soon. =D

Movie title: Jack Reacher
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: It's not bad, I feel most Tom's movies have a minimum standard. But if compare to the Mission Impossible series, especially it's part 3, then "Jack Reacher" is a let-down because it's not thrilling enough. More details into plot the puzzle is being unwind. Started off real slowly but gets better. Dont have too high expectations and you'll probably be satisfied. I might be too obsessed with Liam Neeson, as I still feel he's a better candidate for the role, especially right after hubby told me Jack Reacher is a 1.90+m guy in the novel. Liam is 1.93m. =P

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