Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Movie Reviews: Mama, The Impossible, Silver Linings Playbook

Movie title: Mama
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: Spooky!! Is it because it has been too long since I catch a horror?? Hee!! 
Quite thrilling. However the story is a mess and the ending sucks. 

Movie title: The Impossible
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: It's not as thrilling as I've expected as the flick focused more on the aftermath
of the tsunami rather than what happens during the tsunami. Much preferred the Korean version. 

Movie title: Silver Linings Playbook
Ratings: 1/5
Comments: Hmmm.........I dont understand how it got nice reviews on Popcorn(android app) and GV etc...
Because I got so bored that I took my phone out to play during the movie. Seriously, looking at how people suffers a mental breakdown or having anger management problems is really not my cup of tea. Comedy? Really? Maybe I dont have a funny bone. 

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