Wednesday, January 23, 2013

《后宮甄嬛传》 A great drama

Or simply 《甄嬛传》for short. 
What can I say? It has been a long time since I got so obsessed and entranced with a drama serial, one that is so damn long somemore; 76 episodes. But TRUST ME, it really doesnt feel that long! The first few episodes might have started off at normal speed but it gets more and more intense and thrilling as it progressed. There are days which I simply spend the whole day at home and watched it non-stop until 7am in the morning. I really dont remember when's the last time I got so intensely excited watching a movie(one that is not horror/action), much less a drama! It's totally addictive!! Thus be warned that your connection works alright once you started watching. Why, I almost smashed my laptop when I reached episode 40+ just because the video wont load. Lol. 


This link loads very fast and is super clear as it's HD. Enjoy!!
It's one serial which you'll have lots of thoughts after watching..........that's how you know it's an awesome'll have after-thoughts..... I have too but shan't blog now since I dont wish to be a spoiler. =)

快乐大本营 2012-08-25 《甄嬛传》女主演(孙俪,蔡少芬,蒋欣)

This is super duper funny!! =)  How cute and candid is Ada Choi. =D

孙俪 《凤凰于飞》甄嬛传片尾曲


 旧梦依稀  往事迷离  春花秋月里
  雾里看花  水中望月  飘来又浮去
  君来有声  君去无语  翻云覆雨里     虽两情相惜   两心相仪  得来复失去
 有诗待和  有歌待应  有心待相系
   望长相思  望长相守  却空留琴与笛
 以情相悦  以心相许 以身相偎依
    愿勿相望  愿勿相负  又奈何恨与欺
 得非所愿  愿非所得  看命运嘲弄
        造化游戏  真情诺诺  终于随乱红飞花去
 期盼明月  期盼朝阳  期盼春风浴
   可逆风不解  挟雨伴雪  催梅折枝去
  凤凰于飞  翙翙其羽  远去无痕迹
   听梧桐细雨  瑟瑟其叶  随风摇记忆
  梧桐细雨  瑟瑟其叶  随风摇记忆

凤凰于飞”是出自诗经中的词语,出处 《诗经•大雅•卷阿》:“凤凰于飞,翙翙其羽。”字面指凤和凰相偕而飞。即凤与凰在空中交尾,后用以比喻夫妻合欢恩爱。常用以祝新人幸福美满。

They remind me of the touching scenes in the show.......................


Quite like the music in the show..............
Beautiful lyrics(from poem) 
後宮甄嬛傳原聲帶: 驚鴻舞



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