Thursday, January 24, 2013

假素颜 look (Fake bare face)

Lately, I've discovered a new makeup routine or rather, a very natural, light and fuss-free look for myself, which I love very much. I call it the 假素颜 look. =P Somehow, I'm slowly easing away from the fuss of applying foundation or bb cream to my face. It might be because of age catching up, so I just dont wish to have anything heavy on my skin or to look very "made up" especially when I'm just at the neighbourhood areas catching a movie. However, I can look really haggard with my dull skin if I'm going out bare. And with my oily & combination skin, nose and forehead tends to become shiny in a few hours and I abhor that. 

So these few stuff are my to-go lately. Especially when I'm catching a dinner and movie or doing marketing with dearie at nearby neighbourhood areas which lasts around 6 hours or so. Oh well, call me vain then. But I dont wish to scare little children outside. =P

Apply in this order after toner on clean face:
1) Stila - One Step Correct Correcteur (can buy at Sephora around S$50+)
2) Biore - UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ (white bottle)
3) Etude House - Collagen Moistfull Smoothing Ampule Primer (around S$20)
4) Beauty Credit - Lovely Face Power(loose power) in colour 21 Crystal

It's helpful to use an oil-control toner prior to all this if you have really oily skin. Stila - One Step Correct Correcteur helps to correct and even out your skin tone to a natural finish. It gives a cooling sensation and preps your skin well so that other products can easily blend on. That being said, it's not a super wonderful product which will cover all your flaws or pores. Never step out of the house without a sun-screen. Biore - UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ (white bottle) is suitable for oily to combination skin as it has sebum control and it helps to let Etude House - Collagen Moistfull Smoothing Ampule Primer glides on smoothly without any debris(which strangely appear when I skipped the sun-screen once). The latter gives a very natural radiant flow and gives minimal coverage. But be careful not to apply too little or too much. Too much your skin will look overly radiant(very "made-up") and too little will have no effect. Lastly, lightly pat on Beauty Credit - Lovely Face Power(loose power) in colour 21 Crystal and you're done.

If you have even better skin, go ahead and use Laura Mercier's loose powder because it's even finer, smoother and lighter on the skin(thus almost no coverage, I usually use it after bb cream). I chose to use Beauty Credit because I still wish to have some very minimalllllllllll coverage. The end result is a brighter and more radiant face with a natural finish. And frankly speaking, I thought it looks like my face is totally bare without makeup(unless you look really closely). It simply looks fresh and clean. I call it the 假素颜. =) What's best, it looks fresh for around 6 hours without any need for touch-up. To last more than 8hours, a heavy duty primer from Make Up For Ever Primer is more suitable. But of course, it wont have the light and 假素颜 look. 

Lastly, sweep your eyebrows lightly with eyebrow powder, apply some lipbalm and the whole look is finished. If you have really pale skin and wish to have some colour, Relvon Powder Blush in Tawny Peach is a very subtle and sheer peachy blush which is great for light/sheer makeup. 

Movie title: Hansel and Gretel
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: We watched it in 2D. Yeah, finally a nice movie!! The last few we watched are kinda disappointing. Pretty thrilling. Love the effects. Some scenes might be sinister so not suitable for kids. Hmmm......I feel the way the cameraman catches the scenes is kinda swings from place to place and made me felt kinda giddy. Thank god I'm not at the first few rows. Be sure to watch it from some distance ya. 

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