Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Samsung Mobile Service Center at Jurong Point - Just Beware

Hmm....it feels like forever since I've last blogged. That's probably because I felt as if many things have happened. And I really wish I can update all at once. There are so much information, important information which I wished to share. I'll try to keep them brief and straight to the point.

Firstly, did I mention that my Samsung Note 2 was kinda faulty earlier? I had trouble charging it. It's not that I cant charge it at all, it's just that it's only chargeable when the charger/portable charger is tilted at a specific angle. That being said, of course it's super inconvenient and inefficient. So I brought it to Samsung who informed me that I have to wait 3-5working days and I will probably lose all my info. I did intend to sync my data for backup but as the charging port was faulty, I was unable to do that. Thankfully, the CS told me it's possible to use external SD card to backup instead. So I popped over to Challenger and spent S$50(member price) to buy a 32GB Sandisk Class10 micro-SD card just because I need it urgently. My heart pained because I knew the original Samsung Class10 micro-SD cards are selling so much cheaper in Qoo10. FYI, I read that Class10 SD cards reads much faster than Class4(older version). That's probably why they are more expensive too. Although the backup process done by the young boy was tedious, incomplete and time-consuming(somehow I lost the video of my brother's ROM solemnization in the process...sigh...)....I'm still thankful for his help.

On the 3rd day, Samsung called up and the same boy informed me that my phone was corroded(with water etc) and my warranty is void. And I have to pay S$330+ to change the entire motherboard, XXX board, stereo and basically everything. I was struck dumb. I replied to leave my phone alone as I thought of getting it repaired outside might be cheaper. But after I disconnected the call, I pondered....I only had problems charging my phone which is totally functionable so why should I change all the motherboard, stereo etc? So I called up again. Throughout the conversation, the boy had little to tell me and he cant answer my technical questions and so I requested to talk to the technician. But I was rejected. Finally I asked if they can just change the charging port only(which I will pay of course). He answered they cant because some Singapore authorities/law disallow them to return a corroded phone to the customer without changing the motherboard etc. It's totally absurd. I requested to talk to the manager then, but was also rejected.

Finally, exasperated, since I cant overrule the rules and regulations, I asked if I can sign a disclaimer. I waited for a full 5minutes again, which the boy probably asked his very cowardly manager who dont dare to talk to me, the boy finally answered it's possible; the disclaimer will state that I allow them to only change the charging port of my corroded phone while leaving all other parts intact. And that I will pay for the fee(S$34) NO MATTER the charging works or not as well as releasing my rights to hold Samsung liable for any faults which may arise in my phone in future.

I was like, "Okie fine". I was pretty sure it's only my charging port which is faulty so I'm thinking I will take a gamble. If still cant charge, I will bring it elsewhere to repair. At most, I can always buy a battery charger which is around S$30+ for a Samsung original. But throughout the night, I became worried. It was obvious that the technician is very incompetent and suddenly I'm wary of him doing anything to my phone. What if after he changed the charging port and somehow other parts of my phone dont work??!!! And I told dearie, the technician so cannot make it, skali is from China lor, better dont take any risk. So the next morning I called up at 11am(they opened at 11am) to request them to leave my phone as it is. But I was shocked to be informed that they had already changed the charging port. I was so indignant and exclaimed, "But I haven sign the disclaimer form!! Shouldnt you wait till I sign and then change??" He replied my consent through the phone was assumed to be valid. Damn.......anyway on the way to Jurong Point, I was praying that my phone will be okay. Finally it was my turn and true enough, with the new charging port, the phone can finally be charged!!

But my relief was short-lived. Still at the service counter, I realized my phone cant detect any reception or rather, my SIM card. I then asked the boy to bring it to the technician to fix it right. He came back around 10minutes later with a sorry face and said sorry that my phone cant be fixed and they cant be held liable based on the disclaimer said over the phone. At that point of time, my expression was indescribable. I tried to calm myself down and said that my phone is totally functionable when I brought it there to repair, it's just that the phone can only be charged when the charger is at a specific angle.

"I can always buy a battery charger at S$30+ and I can still use my phone even if I didnt come here to change the charging port. Now, your technician totally messed up my phone until it cant even detect my SIM card!! How am I going to use my phone?? It's only few months old!" It was a Saturday and the service center was pretty crowded. Although I tried to keep my tone level, devoid of anger and fury, I raised my volume a little. Not because I held fault with the boy(since he has no fault; the fault lies with the technician), but because I know with the other customers looking on.....yes....it'll definitely helps, if you know what I mean.

Indeed, he went back into the technicians' room again and came back 10minutes later and finally fixed my phone. My Note 2 finally detected my SIM card and network and worked perfectly! I was so happy! All my info and everything were intact too. Shucks.....shouldnt have bought the micro-SD card from Challenger. Anyway, I thanked the boy sincerely and requested for the name of the technician. I told him frankly that I'm going to lodge a complaint because the technician was totally incompetent and irresponsible. The boy then gave me the initials and wrote H.X on my service form. I laughed and asked, "Are you kidding me? I want the full name."

Hong Xu.

"From China is it?" I asked.

The boy answered sheepishly, "Err....ya"

I said, "No wonder."

I was right...............

Idiot!! Put me through so much trouble, so much worry, so much time and hassle.

Foreign Talent.

Talent my ass.

I did signed the disclaimer eventually. My phone is still working great, with just the change of the charging port at S$34, and not $330 for the entire motherboard/stereo etc.

And I repeated this whole story to most of my friends who are using Samsung mobiles. It's puzzling why all the guys got it with patient comprehension while 2 girlfriends asked me impatiently, "So what's the moral of the story???"

Seriously, if after such a long and detailed story, you still cant get it then I also dont know what to say. Sigh.........

I just wish nobody go through another ordeal just like I did, or spend few hundreds needlessly to boast Samsung's share price.

Oh ya, dearie just told me another PRC driver banged into a female motorist today.

They're creating so much problems in Sg. I really wish they'll go back to their motherland.

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