Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014 birthday - K Suites Ktv - Koh Grill & Sushi Bar - Settlers Cafe

This year's birthday is one of the most enjoyable that I ever had with my friends. =D My 3 girlies planned a whole day of surprises for me which is super duper sweet!! It was a pre-celebration as 2 of them have work trips during my birthday on 9th Aug. Firstly, they told me to meet at Bugis+ around 1pm. That's when I know they've booked K suites ktv. =D I briefly mentioned about it few weeks ago after I saw some gorgeous pictures of it online. So sweet of my girls to remember it! In the midst of it, they came in with cakes with lighted candle and sang me birthday song too. Awwww! Love them so much!! Smuacks!!! However it's too dark to capture proper pictures with our handphone cameras. The room was realllllyyy too dark(maybe the spotlights are spoilt), we cant even see each other's faces properly in the room.

In conclusion, we felt that it's better to go other ktv joints in future. Other than the service is unsatisfactory, most importantly, the songs lag frequently while playing and it seriously affects the singing experience. And it's a disappointment that some new songs which we usually sing at other places are not available.

After the ktv, the surprise journey continued!

We took dear Mich's car to Wisma where we had a sumptuous meal at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar. After seeing's Haz's lovely pictures of their Shiok Maki, I've been craving for it. Thank god sweet Haz made a booking; the dinner queue was so horrible. The food is pretty yummy especially the grilled skewers like the quail eggs and foie gras. As for the Shiok Maki, they have 2 generations. The 1st one being eel and the 2nd one being prawn. I dont really take eel and prefer prawns anytime. But I still tried them anyway, and I much preferred the sauce for the 1st generation of eel shiok maki. The 2nd generation Shiok Maki's sauce tasted abit eggy, like hollandaise sauce, which I feel dont go very well with sushi. Service was prompt too.

After our dinner, Mich drove us to Clarke Quay on Von's que. I was thinking maybe the last segment was planned by Von. Lol. But the time was around 6+pm, I really cant think of anything to do in Clarke Quay since we already had our dinner. It was then Von realized that she mixed up the venue, we're supposed to go boat quay instead. Oh manz, Von is as blur as usual. On the way there, then I asked Von, "We go Settlers' Cafe huh?" Lol Her expression was indescribable. And she blamed me for spoiling all the surprises which they planned for me because I saw through them before reaching. It's actually not hard to guess because I've always express all my lemmings. Hahaha!

Had a super fantastic time at the Settler's Cafe playing games. We laughed SO MUCH! 3hours is not enough at all. We extended an hour too.

Thanks to all my darlings for arranging and treating me for all these surprises. I had a lovely time. Looking forward to Mich's and Von's birthdays where we can celebrate again. Hee!!!

My darlings! Some pictures(the clearer ones) we taken over our last few outings. =D
Oh ya I just registered on Instagram not long ago, username is fionlsy89. Add me if you want. =)


Of course I did celebrate with hubby too. But it was a quiet pre-celebration because dearie had a work trip during my birthday, which makes me kinda =(

That will be in the next post. =D

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