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2014 birthday with dearie - House of Seafood(Joo Chiat) - Shaw Premiere Theater - Review of LG G PRO 2 mobile

I felt dearie is especially sweet to me this year. I guess it's because it's like the 1st time(I think) that he's not around during my birthday. Hahaha. Somemore it's during the chinese 7th month. =X Appreciate his sweet gestures. =D Love ya dear! We kinda celebrated it simply the week before he fly.

 Is my rainbow cake lovely?? Haha! 
Few weeks ago, it was my friend's birthday and I saw that she had a beautiful rainbow cake! And I told dearie I want to eat it too. It still came as a lovely surprise that he ordered the cake in advance for me. He was super busy before he fly and I really appreciate it!! The cake is really pretty and rainbow cake is really a happy cake! Just seeing it makes me so happy! Hee! It's from The Bakery Chef at Bt Merah. =)

It doesnt taste as spectacular as tiramisu or chocolate lava cake as it's just layered sponge cake. However I really like the light taste of the cake because I dont like overly sweet stuff or artificial flavors. Plus it has a lovely fragrant aroma. Much preferred this to other rainbow cakes I've tried. =D

And when I walked to the car, there is a stranger in our car!!

This is a GIANT RILAKKUMA!!! It came as a hugeeeeeeee surprise. When I first saw it, I was like screaming because it's really humongous!! Super sweet!  =D Posted it in my facebook. =)

*Screammmmmssss* Unknown passenger in the car! Dearie say "Rila is to accompany you sleep when I'm away okieee.  Then he added, "Inside got install camera  " Lol Love ya dear smuackssss!

We went for a simple dinner at the House of Seafood at Joo Jiat using Groupon(for the crab). They're famous for black pepper crabs but we ordered chilli crabs because I love to dip the fried buns in the gravy. We felt the food is not bad, service is adequate and the price is reasonable for the extra items we're ordered. However, I guess for chilli crabs, we'll still go back to Melben. =)

 After our dinner, we went for a movie at Shaw Nex. We're slightly more excited than usual because it's our first time watching Premiere. Virgin siah. Haha! Even the ticket subs are so glam. Lol. It's really a very pleasurable experience! The theater was much less crowded than normal as we went in via another entrance, supposedly termed as the platinum lounge or something. There are sofa seats there with menus on the table. You can order your food prior to the movie or order them to be served to you during the movie. You can also order during the movie but not too late I think. There's a service button on the table.

In the theater, the leather seats with leg rest and blankets are so comfortable. Although it's still abit cold, thankfully I brought along a cardigan too. The service is simply fantastic. You wont have people passing infront of you, however there are many many waiters walking around serving the patrons during the movie, which sometimes can become a tad disturbing. Thankfully, all of us are very considerate, we kept our voices damn low.

The pair of tickets cost around S$51.50 but it comes with S$10 F&B credits. It's of course dark inside the theater but I quickly snapped a pic before the movie started. =P

The breakfast set, which comes with chamomile tea. It's just wonderfullllll!! Dearie ordered mushroom soup which was also nice.

Now I understand why some of my friends are so addicted to the premium movie seats!! The movie was kinda boring, which I dont mind so much because I was happily enjoying my food and tea. Lol. 

 And my hubby is really so playful la! On my birthday(he was already overseas), he made an overseas call to me and wanted me to go to the fridge(freezer compartment) and dig out the dumplings. More importantly, he wanted me to VIDEO down the whole process. I was feeling so perplexed and dont know what he's up to! Eventually I started this when I was home around 4+am after a round of booze. I was considered sober but was in fact kinda high already. And imagine all these was caught on video. Lol. When I searched for the dumplings, I saw a note which said, "racks and racks of heels". Lol. I then realized it's finders keepers. I headed over to my shoes and spent few minutes to look for the 2nd clue because HAHAHA. And I found the next note which says "Rocking Reclining Pink", which leaded me to our pink rocking lounge sofa chair. Beneath it I found another note which says "Xmas time", which further lead me to our Christmas tree. And finally I found it!!

It was a package wrapped in Watson wrapper.

Which I commented in the video, "Watson? Doesnt sound too exciting." Muahahahaha.

It came as a wonderful surprise when inside the plastic bag was actually a handphone box!

LG G PRO 2!!!

I was totally surprised because I didnt expect a birthday present at all. Hubby did asked me outrightly what present I want this year since I dont look like I need anything. And I said, "Dont know leh. Like nothing I want or need." And since he gave me the GIANT Rilakkuma, I thought that's my birthday present already.

The specs of LG G PRO 2 is really fantastic. And I love this phone so much. And it's obvious dearie spent quite some time to find a suitable phone for me. I always love big screen phones, and that's why I bought my Lenovo S930. I still like it very much, ultimately I've been using it for less than a year. Just that it's getting slower because the RAM is only 1GB and ultimately it's still a 3G phone. Amongst other things, it's internal memory is 8GB(although expandable too) and camera is only 8mps. For LG G Pro 2, the ram is 3GB, 2.26 quadcore processor, internal memory is 32GB(expandable too) and the camera is a whooping 13mps. It runs on android 4.4 kitkat. Most importantly, it's 4G LTE too. After that, dearie told me he went a few outlets to get this phone in dark red because this phone is not very popular. Probably because it's a whooping 5.9inches. Hee. But I likeeee~!~ It's still slightly smaller than my Lenovo S930 but it's screen is bigger than the usual Note series 5.5inches phones. =D

Review of LG G PRO 2:
- Acceptable weight with a classy and elegant finish. It has a classy and expensive metal outlook, not as plastic-y as Samsung phones, but doesnt weight as heavy as HTC metal phones. Volume and power buttons on the back of the phone. Can press the volume button to capture image if you're taking selfies with the front camera.

- Display is simply awesome

- The 3200mah battery life is not bad. Lasts a decent 10hrs maybe. If you're having a long day outside then maybe you need to have a portable charger. But so far, it hasnt gone flat on me. 

- It's not as fast as I've expected from a 3GB ram phone...more like a 2GB(like Samsung Note Series). But I think it's because of all the extra features, for example, the cute bunny theme/icons in-built in the phone. 

- The rear camera is pretty awesome, 13mps and pictures are mostly sharp and easily focused. The front camera is the usual 2mps, not impressive but I still feel it's focus is better than usual phones. And it has an in-built mini flash for front cameras as well, which provides a little light in dark surroundings for selfies. It has beauty mode too. 

- Dont like that the speaker is at the bottom

Several weeks ago I also bought LG G3 for dearie as a surprise gift. His previous 2 phones is HTC. So now we're both using LG. Haha. His is a smaller screen size phone, maybe 5inches, but it should be the latest model. 

Everytime I get a new handphone or camera, I will be very excited to snap pictures. =P So just bear with me. HAHAHA!

I'm so blessed!!!!!!!!! Love ya dearie!!!! Smuacks!!!!!

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