Saturday, August 2, 2014

The things I love =D

Some of the food which I love to eat as a meal or as supper. =P And they're easily available from supermarkets and super easy and quick preparation. Sharing some stuff which I love. =)

Salmon Sashimi Salad 
Pack of ready-to-eat Vege/Salmon Sashimi/Tobiko/Japanese Sesame dressing
Served chilled
Absolutely divine.

Crabmeat & Ham Salad, accompanied by Lychees
Ready-to-eat Vege/Crabmeat/Ham/Japanese Sesame Dressing with
Canned Lychees at the side
Served chilled
Lychees serve as a pop of refreshing taste in between mouths of salad. 
Not all salads are boring. =)

Smoked duck breast with mandarin oranges (can make into salad too)
Ready-to-eat smoked duck breast/canned mandarin oranges
Pan-sear duck breast on either side until skin is crispy, drained dry mandarin oranges.
Super refreshing treat!

Lavender, Lychee black tea in my favorite floral ceramic and borosilicate glass teacup =)
This pretty teacup costs S$13 and I bought a pair online. =D Just looking at them makes me happy. 

Peach flower tea
I always have the habit of drinking tea after an oily meal, to soothe the stomach. 
It just soothes and relaxes your mind too. =)

I love this Self-Stiring Mug! Press the yellow button and it will just stir the drink by itself.
Bought this at S$7.90 online for my Milo Baby who loves to drink milo.
I can use it for my hot (packet)chrysanthemum and ginger tea too. No more annoying teaspoon in the cup, less hassle too!

 Previously was down with Bronchitis and my friend advised me to keep a flask by my bedside, so that whenever those killer coughs come in the middle of the night, an immediate cup of warm water will stop the cough instantly. Because if not, the cough will worsen until I may become breathless or even vomit. =X

The cap can be used as a cup too! So cute right. It's 500ml and I bought it at S$13.90 online. =P

Life can be so simple, yet so fulfilling, when you spend it the right way, with the right ones. 

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