Thursday, July 31, 2014

Asian Kitchen at Bugis Plus

The Asian Kitchen at Bugis Plus (the old illuma)

This was really a very satisfying meal. The sauteed beans with salted egg yolk was so fragrant with the kind of wok-smell and it's texture was just right with that mere degree of crunch that doesnt bother you as raw. The braised meat rice/noodles were so yummy! It's absolutely scrumptious. Full of flavors, the meat were lean and tender. They're very inexpensive too, although the portions were reallllyyy small. Dearie actually ordered 1 more portion to get full. And I needed dessert to complete my meal. Hee. The mango sago was very very nice too, it's unlike the normal ones you have. Apart from sweet mango cubes, it's made of mango sherbet that wasnt too sweet. Generous sago with that dash of coconut milk makes it smell wonderful. 

One thing you have to note is, I seemed to notice different Asian Kitchen outlets have different menus. So not all outlets serve the same dishes.

After our dinner, I went to buy a plushie for a dear friend who was hospitalized. She had to do a surgery too, poor thing. So I bought her this to cheer her up!! So cute righttttt~~~~ Still got a diaper one with a winter hood too!! Hope she get well soon!

Actually all along I dont really like plushies, I also dont know why. Can you imagine I dont own a single plushie? Lol. Okie I think I did have a Stitch before, which a guy friend bought for me. He probably thought all girls like it....but imagine my "zzz" face when I received the surprise gift. Haha. But it's a super cute Stitch because it talks and responds differently when you say different things to him! 

I bought Rilakkuma for my friend because I know she likes it. =D And dont know why.....suddenly....I feel Rilakkuma is really kinda cute too!! Casually mentioned it to dearie....and one day he came home and surprised me with Plushie too!!! 

This is much bigger than the one I bought for my friend, and it's body, hands and legs are filled with sand so they're bendable. So cute! It's super duper soft and comfy to hug! Just looking at it makes me happy. Haha. Ahhhh.........maybe it has to do with age, I also dont know why the suddenly change in me. =P

Thanks my dear!! Smuacks!!!!

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