Thursday, July 3, 2014

March 2014 4days 3 nights Phuket trip @ Swissotel Phuket Resort

A very much overdue post. Nevertheless, a very memorable and enjoyable trip with dear hubby, with compliments from company.

Many of my colleagues had the same package but I heard some grumbling that they had to drag their luggage up to as high as 4 storeys of stairs just because the hotel doesnt have a lift. Fortunately, we were given the ground level without even requesting it specifically. I guess it's our lucky trip. =D It also means we're a stone's throw away from the pool.

I think ours is a suite? Ahhh....I guess so(since it comes with a quite a big rectangular living room), I'm not even sure.

 (Beware the pool gets deeper and deeper as it gets further away from the bar, as deep as 1.8m. No security guard)

Other than a few restaurants, cafes, tailors, a mini mart and Kamala beach within walking distance, you need transport for other day/night markets, shopping and beaches. Cab fare is extremely expensive, like maybe more than S$60. The hotel provides transport to the town for shopping. There is this Friday and Sunday markets with some shopping. Cant say the shopping are fantastic as compared to BKK as Phuket is a tourists place but can find a few gems. If you're interested, do book your holiday during the weekend.

 We had been settling our meals more than 4 times at this non-airconditioned humble cafe called Jasleen near the hotel. It was SO GOOD. Dearie and I concluded it's the best thai food(although the dishes we ordered are not super thai-style) we ever had, even after compared with those we had in BKK. The prices are reasonable, as I can say, and somehow, during the daytime, there is a 20% off too. Service is good too.

Pictures of some of the different dishes we had for the whole 4days 3 nights trip.

Best crab cakes every! Very crispy and I actually screamed when I saw a whole prawn inside. 
Very fresh and not oily at all. 

Seasonal vegetables. Such a simple dish but it can taste so nice.

Fried fish with garlic. I've forgotten what sauce it was accompanied with but it's a must condiment.
The fish is so fresh and nicely fried with no muddy spell at all.

Some omelette. Surprisingly, this is forgettable. You can skip this.

Chilli lala. Hmm this is okie but cant be compared with our Singapore famous Chilli lala.

Same fish. =D

Broccoli with prawns. Also nice. =)

We actually walked a super long distance(more than 30mins) to another beach...and tried this restaurant, Lillo Island by the sea. The food is more expensive than Jasleen, but sadly, not better. 


During the night, we did try another restaurant, this one with a much better ambiance, Baan mai. Lol. No air condition but it's feel is like a bar restaurant. There's a high table where angmos sipped beer as well as a pool table. We played awhile...I think it was complimentary. 

This time round, I decided to order western food as we had been having thai food for many meals already.

Appetizers: Escargots. was okay but not a must-order

This is my tenderloin steak with blue cheese sauce. However, the sauce is like tasteless and I requested for another sauce(mushroom or black pepper, I dont rem); it's much better. The steak was very nicely done to my preferred medium rare doneness. Quite juicy. The mash was pretty lumpy though.

Dearie's tom yum soup. Not much comments.

Hmmm..........we didnt went back the 2nd time. 

Back to nua-ing in the hotel after buying back some juice and beer from the nearby mini-mart. 
Bliss. =D

Breakfast. Ahhh..........nothing much to comment. At the egg station, the chef couldnt understand that I want poached much as I tried to describe...... =(


Cute kitty I saw in one of the tailor shops. However, we didnt make any clothes at this shop because there's not much cloth to choose from.

I made 1 ladies suit each from 2 different tailors: Armani and Bobby. Hmm, it's around 2 hundred plus SGD for each, dont quite remember. I like the cutting/style as well as the cloth from Armani better. Of course, remember to bargain. Dont expect classy services though. If guys tailoring shirts with detailing, be sure to draw properly, indicate which cloth properly, take pictures etc. Else they can really mess up and still insists you to pay. Be firm, however, dont get into an argument with them. Of course, tailor your suits early so that they have ample time to alter.

One super attitude kitty at the hotel. Fierce till~~~~ =P

Ahhhhh..........soooo lemming for another trip with dearie again...... =(

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