Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yakiyaki bo Japanese teppanyaki

Our orders: Steak(comes with bean sprouts), King prawn(comes with asparagus), foie gras, chawanmushi, hotate(scallop) fried rice.

Steak is very tender, we ordered medium rare and it was just perfect. However it's like abit under seasoned. Requested for black pepper sauce which came complimentary and was great. Too bad it was cold.

The king prawn(single) is really not worth the price(around $15 maybe), because it's really not that big. It's yummy though, succulent and fragrant when pan-fried with onions.

The foie gras was really thin and has too thick a batter. was very crispy on the outside but I really prefer just simple pan-fried foie gras without a thick batter. However, for the price(around $15 maybe), it is really unbeatable.

The scallop fried rice is really value for money and comes highly recommended. 3 scallops came with it and it's only around $6 per bowl.

The veges were cooked just enough to be edible. Any shorter cooking time and they will be raw.

They were shorthanded for staff and the chefs all looked so busy. Kinda feel the dishes were being cooked in a hurry infront of us. However, service was still decent.

Total bill is around $75. Will vastly prefer Yakiyakibo to Sakae Teppanyaki, whose menu has became more unattractive and pricey.

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