Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Playbear 3 tier Steamer (electric lunch box)

I love this 3 tier steamer! Only $30, I bought from (Currently the seller not selling anymore, dont know why. But you can easily find when you search "electric lunchboxes)
Can cook 3 dishes at 1 go. Easily whip up a healthy meal in 30mins or so. 
You just add water at the most bottom tier and all 3 layers will be steamed. The light goes off
when it's done on it's own(note how much water you put). No worries of overheating or fire hazard.

Naturally, rice will occupy 1 tier. I love steamed egg, there goes another tier. And the last tier is usually vegetables. You can cook soup or porridge too. It can serve up to 2 pax if you're not super big eater. It's really minimal cleanup as you eat straight from the stainless steel containers. What's more, they all come with plastic lids. If you cant finish, simply cover them up and put in fridge. 

1) a) Canned baby mushrooms with oyster sauce and blackpepper  b) steamed egg
2) Baby scallops(frozen pack) with broccoli with oyster sauce

Egg toufu sze-chuan vege soup
Mushrooms with asparagus

Ah ya....I love steamed egg and canned mushrooms. Minimal effort as I dont need to dirty any chopping board and knife. 

Feel free to ask me if you have any queries. =)

Yay to lazy bums who wants to eat healthy. 


  1. Hi, how often do you use it? Is it still working? Quite worrying since the warranty is only 1 month.

    1. I'm still using it to steam my lotus paste buns now and then for supper. Haha. =)