Saturday, January 31, 2015

PTPS Gathering!!

This gathering is really unlike the normal ones I have! Except 2, the others I haven meet for close to 2 decades!!! These are my primary school classmates and my closest through my 6 years because we were classmates for pri 5 and 6. Probably the 2 years which we still remember "some things". Although we laughed so much when we brought up the past and compared with our personality now. Most of looks the same but I think there's much changes in most of our personality! And it really seems funny! We chatted about anything under the sky but mostly about how we are doing, working in which industry and asking how are the others who cant make it that night. I'm sure we'll have more gatherings though. =)

It's really very heart-warming because you know why, it's like, despite we haven seen each other for so long, we dont have inhibitions, we speak whatever's on our mind. (I dont see anyone being super cautious with words). Apparently, our girls are more gung-ho than the guys who are very well-mannered. It's so funny with with their "nabei" and "fcuk" flying all around but hell I love my girls like that. Lol. 200% better than girls who act demure and innocent and then be a bitch behind you. And I actually thought every group sureee have some irritating people who'll asked where you're staying and he/she owns how many private properties and why arent you staying in one, OR, why are you still single or things like that, OR,why you never consider change job etc etc. 

BUT NO! All are so humble and nice. And I'm super glad all my ex-classmates are doing well and happy with their lives. =D

When you reach a certain age, you wont care whether your friends are rich or not, or the age gap between both of you(I never care about these though), but rather how REAL they are.

Of course if they're so REAL about being a bitch, then that's another story. 

Hmm on second thought...I dont really mind least they dare to be one. Like me, I'm quite a mean bitch too. But at least if I dont like you, I dont act that I like you. I dont expect you to like me too. And if you are my friend, I'll tell you my honest views all the time. And I hope you do the same to me. What I hate most is those hypocritical ladies who acted totally different from who they really are. The most disgusting part, is they can actually act they careddd so much for you when everyone is around, but behind drives a spike through your back when you are not looking

I can never chastise myself enough for 1 incident. Almost all my friends(guy and girls) told me this girl is something wrong and couldnt be trusted, and I even defended her by saying, "How is it possible? She treats me soooo well you know. Maybe there's a miscomm and that's not what she meant. She's really a nice girl."

Haha In the end, I'm that fool lor. Always the last to know. Guess what, all my friends said the same thing. "Now then you know ah."

It's not funny. Humph!

PTPS hunks and babes, gather soon again!!!

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