Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mr Lee Kuan Yew, thank you for everything. May peace be always with you

Today is a heavy day for all Singaporeans. Mr Lee Kuan Yew had passed on. I never thought I'll teared over him despite all my respect for him. But I did. I hate the sun, I hate queuing. But I've never thought I would be willing to queue for more than 5 hours to pay respect for a man whom I've never met, and to bow to him. But I did.

Dear Mr Lee, we will always remember you, for there will be not be such a prosperous and "somewhat" safe city(last time during your reign much safer though....) if not for your great foresight and perseverance. If you believe in reincarnation like I do, I hope you will be born a Singaporean in your next lifetime and be back with guide us again.

Thank you so much. 

(Thanks to the officers and volunteers who helped out)

It sometimes never realize that someone holds a place in your heart until he had left you.

This year 2015 seems a significant year despite it's only March. Mr Lee left us, it's very sad that he cant be around to celebrate Singapore 50th year of independence on 9th Aug. Coincidentally, it's also my birthday. And...I'm feeling blue already.

Today also marked my 10th year into the insurance industry. I have Mr Lee to thank for this great job where you will be rewarded as long as you work hard and serve with heart and pride. It's his credit for this prosperous country and education for the people so that they recognize the need to protect lives and assets by transferring risk. How else will a bunch of poorly educated fishermen buy insurance in a 3rd world fishing village?

Hereby, expressing my heartfelt thanks for my wonderful hubby who had always been and always will be my sunshine, my parents who supported me through my education, my mentor who brought me into this business, my master who taught me skills and totally changed my life, all my very sweet clients and friends who supported me, the various managers who helped me in every way imaginable despite having no obligation and also my fellow colleagues who showed support and encouragement in every way. Special thanks to shana, sonia, angie lee, eileen, remus, shannon, carmen, royston, kelvin boo, desmond, eddiee, gerrard, michelle seow, vonne, haze, mel, damon, matthew, kelvin sim, the very sweet secretary Cat and not to forget my company who has been staying strong all these many years. #没你没我 #没你们也没我

Thank you all so much..... Im so blessed to have you all in my life. =)

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