Monday, April 27, 2015

A woman's deepest hatred.

(Wrote a large chunk but was too sensitive, thus saved as draft)

Continued from here.....

I'm just perplexed.

Why the deep hatred? The malice.

Obviously one couldnt have done so much to a person whom she merely dislike.

I'm really really perplexed and clueless.

There's no one that I hate in this world. Even if I ever did, it never lasts long. Dislike, yes. Neither am I one who wishes something bad befalls someone I dislike. If I dont even wish for it, I couldnt care less to physically go initiate and DO something negative to them.

But obviously someone hates me enough to go through all these work..for years. Scary isnt it.

*dry laugh*

I really wonder, am I really that detestable, or is there nothing else more important in their much so they're wasting so much energy and hardwork to bring me down.

You dont do so much to bring someone down when you merely dislike them. You do so because you felt threatened by them.

I've already give way in many many aspects. Still, they are not satisfied.

I think if I die then they will really be happy.

Initially I felt a little sad....but suddenly realized...I think they are more pitiful...
There are really things I can do to retaliate and affect them in a negative way.
But I really dont. Because I dont feel happy when they feel sad.
I like peace. I dont like conflicts. I dont like to pierce people's bubble. Neither do I want your balloon.
You think I like to compete with you, actually I really couldnt care less.
Maybe deep down you know, you know I'm not vying for anything with you. Because I'm happily married with a doting hubby, I have a good career, I have many great friends who arent only around when there are alcohol, my life is complete.

But you just hate it that I'm around.

After few years, from different sources and my recollection of some "signs and symptoms", I finally realized where can a woman's deepest hatred come from.

I didnt try to seduce their objects of interest.

That's probably why.

Because I didnt.

I didnt try.

I'm sorry, I should have tried. Maybe you will hate me lesser because doing so makes me such a bitch and you have more legitimate reason to hate a bitch. But you know I'm just not. Who's the one bitching here, you know very well. Everytime, I'm more appalled by the level of "high-handed-ness". I thought I'm watching HK drama. To think it will happen on me, something which I've never imagined.

I'm quite surprised I wasnt angry. I'm just kinda exasperated and 无奈。I wonder why I wasnt angry. Then I realized because I didnt care that much...maybe not anymore. Do all you want. Be happy in the "empire" you've created by spinning lies and tearing my reputation to shreds. For the ironic part, she didnt realized the more she bitched me to be a slut, the more interest some guys may show~ She should learn from my another girlfriend instead, announced to everyone I'm married, even to people I just met at the 1st setting, people whom I dont even remember their names. Thank you for the introduction. Though abit funny to be introduced this way, I dont mind. Because I'm seriously not in the game as you ladies, for I'm not interested.

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