Saturday, May 28, 2011

Homemade Osmanthus Jelly & Wonderful Custard buns

*Yawnz* I dont think I have the time to transfer any old entries from the old blog at all from wordpress. The buzzing weekend had passed in a breeze. I still have quite a number of pictures pending as well as events to blog. And I'm so freaking tired! Will blog about the past weekend's events soon.

Tonight is the first night that dearie is not sleeping beside me ever since we shifted to our own house. I'm glad Vickki is around to accompany me. But's simply a different feeling when the house is empty because hubby is out at work OR because he's simply not in the country for a few days. The feeling is different.... No wonder Hui said she felt unbearable when her hubby was overseas at work for months, facing an empty house. I bet I cant even stand few weeks. The only consolation is perhaps I can have the whole bed to myself and I can sing to my heart's content anytime. Muahahaha~

Sharing a few interesting and yummy stuff with you all. =)

Yummy home-made Osmanthus Jelly! =D

Check out my pretty tissue box! Hee! Bought from a stall at Toa Payoh Central at $9. Suits my pretty side table to a T isnt it? =D

I'm a lover of osmanthus in terms of smell and taste but it's not readily available in Singapore. I've tried finding in local chinese shops like Fu Hua but nobody has it. Therefore imagine my glee when I saw a stall selling it at Sembawang, Sun Plaza level 1.

Arkon, Coral Seaweed Jelly (Product of Taiwan)

They're other flavours too. And the nice lady boss even passed me an A4 size paper with all it's benefits. Heard there's plenty of minerals, collagen, etc in it. I dont really care, haha, most importantly must be nice to eat. =P It's 100% vegetarian too by the way.

It's super easy to make. This is the smaller pack priced at $13(pretty pricey hor) and it has 9 cubes inside. Each cube can make 2.5 bowls like the one above.

Simply boil 1 cube with 500ml(normal mineral water bottle) of water till it totally dissolves. Let it cool for few minutes before pouring into bowls or moulds which you deem fit.
Chill in fridge(not freezer) for a couple of hours and you're done! The amazing thing is, even if you chilled it for more than a day, the texture stays the same and will not harden. Ahh...of course I cant guarantee the same if you keep it inside your fridge for 30 days la.

Garnish with longans if you want. =D But personally feel they taste better alone! The texture is really wonderful and the level of sweetness suits me just right. Chilled desserts like these are great for hot days! =D

I use a frying pan of diameter 30cm to boil at medium fire over 5-10minutes(so that it's faster). Do note if you put lesser water than 500ml or boil them longer than needed, the jelly will be firmer and sweeter. You can add more water if you prefer them to be less sweet and softer.

Custard Buns

*Updated* Time to time, I went back to buy and the size of the buns were like shrinking everytime I went back. Like from a C cup to B cup and recently I went back to buy and I'm so disgusted that the size of them had shrink to smaller than an A cup. It's that pathetic and the price is the same, which easily made it like a triple in price. I was so appalled that I voiced it out why the drastic shink in size but was answered back in attitude, "Where got?!?!" So annoyed!! Business became better but drop so much in quality!! Had decided to omit the address of the shop as well as boycott!! Humph!!

This is my love. I can eat 2 everyday for consecutive 3 days and dont feel sick at all. =)
Therefore dearie usually buy in dozens as we both love it very much. Generous fillings most of the time, not too sweet too! Priced at $1.50 each and every 5 free 1 after 9pm. Warning though, sometimes they closed shop at 9pm. Best served chilled!

Actually I saw similar looking custard buns at The Icing Room at Jurong Point. They're priced slightly cheaper when you buy in pairs but I'm not sure they taste the same. Will try soon.

Actually posting pictures at blogger also posed some problems. I realised when I upload them, they simply appear far smaller than they should, despite having chosen the biggest size. I have to upload them at Flickr first. But...I think at least the pictures are sharper than those in wordpress. =) Anyway, like my new blog layout? =) Will add more stuff in time. =P


  1. hello. the side table is really nice. may i know where you bought it? how much does it cost? does it comes in black?

  2. Hiya I bought from Seahorse. I dont remember whether it comes in other colours leh. It's around S$200 or so? Really dont remember! =) Really deeeeep drawers though, love it.

  3. Hi may I know which stall in sun plaza level 1 selling the coral seaweed jelly?

  4. Hi, it's simply admist the many stalls right in the middle central square.
    But that stall is not always there, guess it runs about in Sg. Have not seen it elsewhere, so sorry.

  5. saw it selling in OG...