Monday, May 30, 2011

SHESHOPS.COM & Kaori's Creations & Lookbooks!

Lately, I've been having lots of fun creating lookbooks at
It strucked me as a very atas kind of shopping community or rather, shopping paradise, because not only designer labels and exclusive limited editions items are being sold there, you get to enjoy all the fun creating lookbooks using different items from everyone's closets. From there, you get to know more like-minded individuals, with different sense of styles as well as get inspirations from all the lookbooks being posted up. You can socialize, drop comments on their walls etc. =)
Most of the items are for sale. You can simply shop in the community or click on the items on any lookbooks and get directed to the link immediately. It's so easy.
I got to know some very nice friends too! They're so friendly, helpful and nice. =) There are contests held regularly as well. Too bad I didnt really catch the instructions of the Canon IXUS camera contest on the homepage else I might just be one of the 3 lucky winners who won the Canon IXUS cameras with their winning lookbooks. =(
I have my own "Closet" too! Do add me!!! View my lookbook too! Hee!
Below are a few lookbooks which I've created with Kaori's Creations fine jewellery. =P

Flutter in the Wind (Featured on SHESHOPS homepage)
Love the versatility with this top....Of course, do remember to pair with a dainty pair of sweet earrings too!
Earrings featured: Mystic Hearts

Orange is such a vibrant and cheery colour!
It's bright, and yet doesnt come as loud as siren red.
Toss some orange in your look, it'll definitely spice up your look as well as your day!
(P/S I simply love the heels! Though do note not too much orange in your look, else will look like an orange. =X

Featured earrings: Carnelian Crush
Featured necklace: Victoria Necklace
A little of bohemian style....a little of vintage....cant quite decide which I love more. =)

Featured earrings: Princess of Persia
Featured necklace: Vintage Patina Necklace
Reminds me of lovely pink ballet swans.... =)
Earrings featured: Sweet pea

Classic black and white spells simple yet sexy chic.
Pair with a pair of glamorous smokey quartz earrings for that divine touch.
Off you go with a simple clutch and sexy stilettos. =)

Earrings featured: Smokey Hot Quartz

Does it reminds you of a Wood Nymph Fairy...prancing around in the Spring Woods? =)
Spring Wood earrings, made of dragonfly charms and lime green smooth chalcedony heart briolettes certainly lends joy to a wonderful day out in the sun! =)
**Currently contemplating whether wanna buy the dress above! But I gained so much weight lately. =(((( Scared not nice.**

I really love all these looks especially Carnelian Crush Lady and Wood Nymph Fairy.
Not to mention, I'm simply in love with the latest creations at Kaori's Creations.
Ok lah, dont laugh at me lah, sheesh, =P I really do love these 3 earrings max!!

Components: Imported adorable 16K matt gold leaf charms, Swarovski crystals, exclusively imported Pink Topaz teardrop gems on 14K gold settings

Peace Doves
Components: Imported 16K gold(matt) doves earring post(with 925 sterling silver post), Swarovski crystals with imported Aqua blue quartz faceted teardrop briolettes on 14K gold settings.

Components: Imported 16K matt gold puffy hearts earring post(with 925 sterling silver post), Swarovski crystals and exclusively imported Mystic pink quartz teardrop briolettes on 14K gold settings.

Arent they lovely? Muahahahahaha! =P

Have fun shopping & creating lookbooks at


  1. Hi ChilliPadi

    On your other site (previous one) you said you bought the Shimono hand held vacuum cleaner from Sim Lim Square - do you have the shop name and phone nr. by chance?
    Thanks in advance

    Send your reply to

    1. I dont have. Anyway, as useful as it is, it broke down shortly after 1 year. I did see a newer version selling at a higher price in 1 of the stalls at Sun Plaza level 1, though not sure if the stall will always be there.