Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hi blogger(again)

Oh yes. Finally I had enough of wordpress blur pictures that I've once again, decided to change a blogging platform. I cant possibly let my crisp pictures by my precious Lumix put to waste, right?
I did online research about pictures appearing blurry though. However, I can only find solutions(which work) for blogger but not for wordpress. Else, they're far too troublesome or complicated for an IT idiot like me to comprehend. Somehow, blogger entries can be exported to wordpress but it's very difficult for the vice versa. So..see how...perhaps I'll shift few entries day by day if I have the time...or I'll just transfer the more significant entries(like events etc)

Okie. Hear from me soon. Gotta tweak a new blog layout, design and everything. I like this part though. Heez.

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