Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jason's Birthday

Lovely night out with the gang with plenty of drinks and games, in celebration of Jason's birthday on 23rd May! Jason, Iv, Cel, Jov, Ed, Ken and wifey, Leng. It's my first time meeting Leng, however we hit it off very well. =) Then I realized both of us are leos. Hee! Trac meant to join but somehow got cropped up with stuff. Very happy to see all of them. =D Everyone is busy and I'm very glad we can all come together year after year to celebrate each other's birthday. It will be my wish that we can all stay as close knitted no matter we're at which life stage, single/married/with kids etc. Kudos to mummies like Cel and Jov. Appreciate their hubbies' kind understanding too. =D

Oh Jov left slightly earlier before we started to take pictures. Nevermind, next time! =D

Had fun ktv-ing too at the BQ pubs too. =D

Jason and Iv were just back from Taiwan not long ago.

Key pouch from Jason. Did I mention before I love personlized gifts? =D

At first I almost fainted when Iv tossed me this in public. I thought he bought me sanitary napkin! ZzZzzZ After that then realized it's marshmallows. Haha. I like blueberry. =)

Thanks guys!!

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