Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Qi's Bachelorette Party!

Last Saturday 28th May was Qi's bachelorette party! Or so call, hen's night we call it. =) The pretty bride-to-be is going to get hitched on 12th Jun with his 10+years love, Kel who is my dear colleague. =) Dear Angi organized a hen's night in her honour so it's strictly girl's night out! There were 6 of us having dinner together at Wangz Hotel, after which 3 more joined us at M hotel for drinks. I only know Qi, Angi and Oli though. However, they were all a friendly, fun-loving and gorgeous bunch. =) I laughed so much when the sabo started at M hotel. Haha! I'll let the pictures tell the story since I spent some time organizing it. =P

With the gorgeous bride-to-be, Qi! She does look like Jeanette Aw(欧萱) right??!!

And guess what, with her looks and family background all that, she's such a humble, sweet and nice person! It's like, erm, people like her makes you wonder, "Wow, the world actually got 十全十美 的人??!! And she's a vegetarian somemore. Totally win liao right? Lol!

Ah, then you see Angi posing with her new Samsung camera right? Wah piangz, for the whole night she's fumbling with her camera because somehow the pictures turned out blur! And everytime, after she tweaked here tweaked there(the mode or something) and took pictures, she will try to convinceeeee us that they're nice when they're actually blur! *faint* But thankfully, I think towards the end of the night(at M hotel), she finally got it right lah. Heng ah, arbo her upcoming Athen's trip(flight is the very next day) pictures will all be blur.

It's my first time having dinner at Wangz Hotel, hmm...and I'm not impressed. Firstly, everytime a new friend joined us, I had to keep remind the waitress to serve ice water as well as re-filling the rest. I got alittle "arggghhh" when I requested the 3rd or 4th time. We were chit-chatting pretty busily so drank alot of water lah. Next, the food took ages(ard 45mins) to come and my aglio olio was a tad disappointing for me. Actually the prices were pretty low for a hotel(my aglio olio costs S$18++) but I rather take that money and go TCC to have their Seafood Pasta lah. The latter tastes so much better.

We finished our dinner at around 10.30pm and adjourned to M hotel, J bar for drinks. It's Saturday and they have this ladies night free flow of champagne, wine and martinis at S$25. Ahhhh.....called to mind that "fateful night" with Rain. =X By the time we reached M hotel, it's also around the time where dearie left the house for the airport. He's going Athens for 6 days. =)
In a way I'm glad he set off that very day because I know I wont be going home that night. Iv and gang had this free hotel stay at Four Seasons and I'm joining them after Qi's party. =)

With notti Angi, the brains behind the sabo game~

Poor Angi was actually pretty sick and insisted on coming after dumping pills so she did not drink at all. The champagne was okie(not a fan of bubbly drinks), red wine was bad, white wine was great. She lovingly prepared a plain white T-shirt, rhinestoned with the word "bride" and made Qi wear it. =)

We're supposed to apply this sinfully red lipstick that made us look like ghost/gei-sha and then kissed her on anyyyyyy part of the T-shirt. Qi is a sport, she joined us by applying the crimson red lipstick too! We too wrote our wishes on the T-shirt. =)

It became hilarious as we all started to "attack" anywhereeeeee on her body. Muahahaha! See the lipstick marks on her twin peaks. *ROFL*

In front no space liao, Oli and me 从后面来!! Wahahahaha!

We all had alot fun. It's too bad I got to leave early around 12.30am because Iv and gang were already in St James since 10+pm. =X I was very very late. I heard Qi got drunk though! Lol. Must get the juicy details from Angi soon.

Here's wishing Kel and Qi a very happy, blissful and sweet marriage forever and ever!!! Cya both on 12th Jun, which is very soon! =D

(P/S Here's only a handful of pics, will pass you all soon! *Need to figure out how to compress/zip etc...or else have to burn into disc liao)

-----> To be continued in next entry

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