Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Comments: I love this show. Very funny and entertaining. While the story is crossing the line of the friendship loyalty, I took it with a pinch of salt because the flick was filmed in a light-hearted, funny way, and of course because, it's a movie only lah. I dont know what will I do if I'm in Rachel's shoes, but, I know I will try very hard not to do the things she did. I know, I wont like it if it's being done to me.

Take a few seconds to imagine yourself being the one who will be hurt by your own actions, it might just stop you from doing the things which you know will hurt the one you love/who loves you. =)

Ratings: 4/5
Comments: It's quite funny, though not super funny. A very well-executed film with all the choreographed actions and decent plot. Not much twist but worth a watch.

Ratings: 1/5
Comments: Ahhhhh.............you can skip this. The plot is super boring, makes no sense. Director did a bad job, scenes was being executed in the most mundane way. Not one bit of excitement in the whole show. The whole story is about a kidnap, but at the very beginning, it showed the victim was already dead. Talk about suspense, duhz! In addition, this show features the world's silliest kidnapper, who choose to defend his pride by coming out to fight someone who told him clearly that he wanted his life, AFTER he got the ransom and killed his victim. Stupidity has no cure, that's why he died. Seriously, something is wrong with the scriptwriter! This is not the way to give a story a twist!

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