Monday, July 4, 2011

Admitted to Mt Alvernia

Sorry for the absence. I was hospitalized since from 15th - 17th June at Mt Alvernia.


I've been having this consistent chest pain which I grumbled everyday. While it's not that painful where I will roll about in bed like when I was having menstrual cramps, it's still a pain which bothers me everyday. Everyday! It started last year before July. I did consulted GP few times but I was merely given medicine to unblock air-way, asthma as well as painkillers. That's because I mentioned the pains started when my nose started to get blocked every night till I had difficulties in breathing. I breathed harder and harder which resulted in chest pains.

The most horrible episode was in July 2010, which scored 9 out of 10 on my pain-o-meter. It felt as if my heart was being constricted. It was detailed in here. Thank god for blogging, else I didnt really realize the chest pains started so long ago. I sucks at remembering events and has a poor judgement of periods.

The doc at Mt Alvernia prescribed me painkillers but it's not strong enough. The pain only totally subsided 3-4hours later. Subsequently, I still have chest pains now and then, mostly on a scale of 3 to 4. As time goes by, it became more and more frequent, more and more painful, on a scale of 5-7. I consulted docs at Mt Alvernia again, detailed here. This time, stronger painkillers were given and I had bliss for 1.5weeks or so. Dr Yam said it might be because of misalignment of muscles in chest, hence I was told to go back a week later to let him re-align. I went back, experienced hell of a lot of pain, still, chest pains came back.

I knew I have no choice but to admit for tests and check-ups to find out what's wrong. But I held it back despite dearie's constant nagging. Apart from this irritating chest pains, I also experienced stomach pains frequently after meals. And diarrhea everytime I had spicy food. Last tues(eve of admission), I had it again and it was pretty bad. It could not have been a case of food poisoning because it's quite low chance that I have food poisoning every 3 days. So, I told dearie it's high time I admit to Mt Alvernia to get everything checked all at 1 go.

Entry to be continued...

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