Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alcool chill

Saturday - 2nd July 2011
It was actually pre-birthday celebration for Iv and Ken who share the same birthday on 5th July. Happy birthday dudes!! We meant to catch dinner, Transformers movie and then chill. But Transformers was so hot that all tickets were sold out.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet Ken, YL and Ja for dinner but later chose to meet all of them straight at Alcool pub at South Bridge road because I wasnt hungry. Especially when they're having buffet. It was a larger crowd than I've expected, as almost everyone bought 1 or 2 friends along. Perhaps a total of 11 people? Didnt manage to take pics with all as some left pretty early. The aircon was so cold that I started sneezing non-stop. Very very bad. The night ended early at around 1+am. But Iv had already puke alottttt. Guess that's his aim. (=.=)'''

Ivan, pretty gone face~ I always admire how Cel always manage to conjure this very sexy expression in her pictures. Lol. Guess I can never master. Geez. Jov's new short coolz haircut!

Damn funny, all 4 of them looked at different directions.

Sigh, I wished my hair grow longer faster. The stupid fringe always irritates my eyes. Argghh!

Just look at Iv's super 骚 expression. Hahaha!

See Iv's 莲花手? Hahaha!

Cel's birthday party is coming soon too, at Shanghai Dolly on friday night. Will be another crazy night I think. =)

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