Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My lovely hubby pressies for me from Greece!

This entry is dedicated to dearest hubby for his lovely pressies for me from Greece. =D

Initially I was supposed to expect 1 bag from him because he made me super mad and super sad few months back. Since I can never teach him how to be more sensitive to my needs and feelings, this is quite the only way(by extorting a bag from him), to relieve him of his guilt, and to console myself that he truly do care for me. =) Believe it or not, the idea of compensation with a nice bag is much out of exasperation and lame attempt on my part, in coercing him to care. Currently, it's the best method to keep him from making me angry/irritated/annoyed/sad. Because he knows, it's a hefty price to pay to make me unhappy, in any way. =)

Oh, and of course, because he loves me, in his very unique ways, he bought me not 1 but 3 items from Louis Vuitton.

Thames PM in Damier Ebene Canvas

Generally I love Damier Ebene Canvas prints because they're really easy to maintain. My long wallet still look fantastic after like...7 years? I've stopped buying Monogram already because the beige leather can oxidized to a very ugly colour in a very short time.

Thames PM's size is great because while it's not very big and bulky, it can fit my long wallet, handphone, Lumix camera as well as a compact. The only bad point is the strap is really thick and sharp at the edges, it's not nice to carry if you're bare-shouldered. It's stiff and doesnt stay on the shoulders too(my shoulders are not narrow), so you have to keep it in place by using your arms to hug it near to you.

Eva Clutch in Damier Ebene Canvas
Works both ways as a evening clutch as well as sling bag! Size is perfect for clubbing and elegant enough for a dinner. =) Love it!

Pochette Cles in Epi Leather, (bought in Noir(black)

I know! The Pochette Cles in Rubis(red, in the pic above) is so stunning right? But it was out of stock, I only can get the black one. =( As much as my long wallet serves me well for it's long row of card slots, I usually take only 1 card and some bills out when I'm out clubbing or on days which I dont intend to shop or carry a big bulky bag. Especially during clubbing, I only bring 1 key out so this fits me well because it has a slim card slot(on the outside, opposite side not shown in pic), a zipped closure for some bills(cab fare) as well as a hook for me to attach 1 key. Hassle free! Fits in my Eva Clutch nicely. Epi leather is easy to maintain too.

Actually dearie bought me a passport holder in Suhali leather, but I thought it's a waste to only use it when I'm on travel. So I changed it to the above. It's the same price! =P

He too, bought a passport holder and belt. =)

Thanks my dear, LOVE YA! You probably know that all along. =D Smuacks!

Off to have my sashimi buffet with dearie! =)

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