Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Had a very heavy and fulfilling weekend! It's all so worth it. =)

Full day agency event, from morning 7.30am to midnight. It's very fruitful and fun. Work hard, play hard. And guess what, it's the first time in my LIFE that I built sandcastles!! It's really not as easy as you think. Although our group didnt win the contest, I truly enjoyed the process. After which, we had supper at Bedok before heading home. Reached home around 3am. Concussed!

Kel actually asked whether I'm free to meet up the very night but I was unable to make it. Yes, haven seen her for so long. I do wish to catch up with her soon. But weekends are really so few and precious ever since I've started roadshows. And I have so many dear friends I wanna meet. =)


Met up with sweetie Gra and Suan for Melben Crabbies dinner. We were pretty excited and couldnt explain why! Perhaps it's another few months since we've met? Everyone is so busy! But I told Gra the bigger reason might's the first time we're catching a crabbies feast!! Yes yes very excited. We reached at around 6pm and there's already a long queue. In total, we waited 1.5hours for the sumptuous crabbies to arrive. 3 of us clapped unanimously like naive little schoolgirls when they were served. Lol. Guess the waitress looked at us like one kind. =P Had to say it's well worth the wait! =D

Chilli crab has always been my favorite because I love the savory sauce which comes with it. They're simply divine with the fried buns! We ordered 10 but me alone had 5! We didnt order rice nor other dishes though. Suan had little and what's more, she dont eat claws(gong)! OMG!! How can that be possible?? But I really cant contain my happiness when she said she dont eat claws. Muahahahahaha. Which means I can have moreeeee. So Gra and me each had 2 as we ordered 2 normal size crabs of 1 kg each. =D~~~ The dish was really splendid. Although it's already my 3rd time visiting Melben, I felt it was the best experience. Meat were succulent, claws were simply humongous, the sauce's sweetness and spiciness were perfect. Lots of egg too!!

Ahhhh..........really feel like going back again. Our total bill was around $101 including buns and drinks. So worth it.

We finished the dinner at 9pm and adjourned to Holland V for drinks. Coffee Bean it is. Told ya I'm quitting alcohol for the next 300days. Muahahahaha. From 9.30pm, the 3 of us chattered like nobody's business until 3+am! Even met 2 of my colleagues! Haha!

Crabbies feast soon!!


Met up with Ja, Ken and his wifey, YL for dinner at Marché 313 Somerset. Erm, it wasnt worth mentioning much because the food were simply so-so, not cheap plus services were slow. Still, we had fun chatting and trying all the different dishes. We had the signature Rosti with chicken cheese sausage, which lost in comparison to Ambush(Jurong Point) Rosti with Pork Cheese Cracker. Erm, we ordered other dishes too but somehow I cant really recall them...not worth a mention lah...The root-beer is not bad and pretty expensive loh.

After which, we adjourned to TCC just opposite the road for some drinks to relax. They all had tea while I had Mint Choc Frappe which was sweet until I can die. Merely drank half of it. And we suddenly realized TCC is having a 1-for-1-promotion for mains/pastas/sandwiches and kinda regretted we didnt dined there instead of at Marché, which was quite a disappointment for me. =P

Lin and KS were supposed to join me(I've invited them to join us, friendly friends dont mind at all. =), but poor Lin was sick. I had to catch the lovely couple another time. Hope she get well soon...and me too actually. Sigh. Yes, we're both sick of being sick! Lin and me had been trying to arrange to meet up for weeks!! Aiyea, I think we have to arrange again. =)

Love my friends and I wish everyone will be healthy!!

Went to Dr Roland Chong for follow-up specialist consultation at Gleneagles because the stupid chest pains just wont stop. They came back after I finished my medicine last prescribed at Mt A....and was slowly increasing in pain until it was pretty bad the last few days. Around 7 on my pain-o-meter of 10. And it was...pretty sian and dampening to see another month's of medication being prescribed to me. Another month of being jelly again liao lor. How to work?


Surprisingly, Dr Chong's attitude was pretty friendship and helpful, so different from how he acted in Mt A. Hur Hur~

Oh yes, I've caught Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, of course!

Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Yeah...kinda sad that it's already the last sequel. But still pretty glad with the happy ending. I dont like shows which make me cry. =P It's actually pretty content-packed, IMHO, maybe because I didnt read the books? Will actually prefer the show being split into 2 sequels and it's not for the sake of extending it. In any case, I felt it's alot of story-telling instead of actions. Still pretty exciting and nice, but dearie got bored with the relating of the story most of the time. =P

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