Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Celine's birthday 2011 @ Shanghai Dolly

It was Celine's big day!! The day where she reached the big 3!! Calls to mind that mine is coming soon in a few years...... =( Alright, I'll let the pictures do all the talking! I'm the photographer for the night. =) Nobody bought a camera except me. Excluding iphone that is. How can iphone cameras suffice for a birthday party shoot? =P Ok lah, they're not super sharp considering I was also kinda tipsy but at least I can take a series of pictures pretty fast.

Venue: Shanghai Dolly.

H A P P Y 30th B I R T H D A Y SWEETIE!!! Kekeke!!

From singing of Happy birthday song, to making a wish, to cake cutting. =D

We all had a great night! =D

Stay pretty, sexy, cheerful and blissful forever with your loved family!! Love ya!

Hope she likes the studs Jov and I got for her from Swarovski. =)

I didnt stay long though...left at around 1+am. Felt so drained!

A total of 70+ pictures, after deleting those beyond-repair-super-blur pictures. Pass you soon!

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