Thursday, July 21, 2011

Geylang Checker - has my support and more room for improvement

Dearie mentioned to me lately there is this new website called the Geylang Checker which posts pictures of guys, who supposedly patronize prostitutes at the Geylang area.

"Woah! Then you better be careful wor!" I joked, which of course, earned a 360degrees rolled-eyes from hubby.


It was said that the website was founded by a lady whose friend told her she saw her boyfriend at Geylang...doing what most guys usually do at Geylang. And so she went to check it out. It was indeed the truth and she broke up with the boyfriend immediately. Kudos to her!!

You know what I dislike the most about some girls were that they are always in self-denial.

"No lah, it couldnt be him at Geylang, you've seen wrongly!!"

Instead, the founder went to check it out herself and certify the truth.

"It's not his fault, it's those China B*/prostitutes seduced him!"

Haven you heard of it takes 2 hands to clap?

While I agree that 3rd parties and vixens whom we always know, are at fault, I always feel the guys bear a bigger share of blame. If they're strong in their mindset and try to stay away from disturbing and distracting "objects", they can never be seduced.

Since I am never a guy, I can never understand or miserable they will feel if they're arent satisfied properly in you-know-where. But I think if a man, a single man, has to succumb to such urges and temptations and resort to visit prostitutes, there's only so much respect I can give him. Because he struck me as weak and I can only guess there's nothing much meaningful in his life.

Couldnt he just divert his attention and energy to his work?
Couldnt he just spend that 1 hour having dinner with his dear parents or friends?
Couldnt he just spend that 1 hour doing any other thing which can give him pleasure, be it reading, jogging, swimming etc?

I have absolutely nothing against prostitutes. They're doing an honest living. I wont even raise an eyebrow if I passed by one wearing only bras and panties, or being coquettish to passing males. It's their job.

However, it's another issue for single males to visit pros because ultimately, to me, it's know..."public toilet". I mean, no offence to them. But it's like...who will visit prostitutes?

Super s*x-deprived guys who has no channels to release? And has simply no other activities to keep them busy or simply too lazy to seek other entertainment? I can only think of lao chee-ko-peh loh.

The above are only my views, with no offence to anyone. And of course, married or attached males who visit pros are simply unpardonable, no matter what reasons they might conjure. Wife pregnant? Not an excuse! Had an argument with wife and need a channel to release? Go die!

Dearie added that it might be unfair to some males because pictures were merely taken when they're walking along Geylang area. They could be working there or eating frog legs porridge at the area.

I checked out the website. Indeed, it's not impressive. Firstly, the whole website is pretty confusing and has a messy layout, plus the pictures were really blur. Of course, do mosaic the faces and carplate numbers, but 100% fully blur pictures are annoying to see. In addition, like what dearie said, some were merely walking on the roads.

"If the pictures really capture the guys walking into or out of motels or nightclubs etc with his hands around another female's shoulders, then it's another story." Dearie said.

It does makes sense lah. The pictures were nothing concrete.

However, just like the founder mentioned in the website, the website is merely a checker. For e.g, if you saw your bf/hubby's car appearing in the pictures at, say, 8pm when he told you specifically he's meeting a client at Vivocity, then obviously something is amiss.

I dont frequent Geylang nor am I familiar with that area so I also dont know pictures of people strolling at those specific spots are significant or not. But I always feel so long so you have a clear conscience, there's no need to be afraid even if you're spotted in the pictures. Anyway the pictures are so blur. Only your closed ones will recognize them. And they say;

People who know me will know how I'm like
And people who dont know me, there's no need to care

In any case, those pictures cant prove anything concrete. So if any wives caught their hubbies in the pictures, I think a second chance is allowed if proper explanation is given. Just keep a lookout will do. In any case, if the hubby really does patronize pros and unable to kick the habit immediately, at least he will reduce the frequency and gradually stopped I supposed. =S

Some people said the founder is merely out for vengeance towards men. Hahaha! What a stupid statement. Hey, sacrificing so much time and effort to alert Singaporean women whose hubbies are cheating on them?? I LOVE such vengeance then. =) She and her team are doing a favor for Singaporean ladies. They have my support. I do hope the pictures can be clearer(lol), and more significant spots/shots are captured instead. Muahahahaha!

Lastly, I wish all Singaporean Ladies have a faithful husband, blissful marriage and a loving family. =)

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