Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reviews of Shin Kushiya, The Wine Company, St James Food Market

Had a wonderful day out with dearie yesterday(Sat). It's quite a impromptu mini planning by me and we had a great day. =) Am going to do some food reviews and movie reviews. =)

I planned to bring Dearie to The Wine Company at Sentosa Broadwalk because of the nice ambiance, nice food and service which we had the last time I was there with Suan and Gra. What's a better idea to end off the night with a movie at Vivo so that the alcohol will be diffused from his body? No drink and drive! The only bad point which comes with driving. =P It was a super crowded Saturday night out and dearie suggest dinner at Shin Kushiya. He said he had a few nice dishes there the last time with a friend and I thought why not. I did mentioned I had the charcoal BBQ buffet there eons ago and it was veryyyy bad. Not only it was expensive, the meat were bland and tough. However, I was willing to give it a second try since it had no queue and I hate to wait.

Once again, I was disappointed. And being the short-and-hot-tempered me, I got a little annoyed. Why? Ok, we ordered a assorted tempura and salmon sashimi set, complete with chawanmushi, tofu, salad, soup and dessert of the day(cheesecake), priced at around $25 and also a Gindara(grilled codfish with teriyaki) with an extra bowl of rice to share since I'm not very hungry. I just like abit of everything.

I got, frankly speaking, kinda shocked I saw how badly sliced the salmon are. They were like severely uneven, thus making it thick and chunky. A total of 4 "slices". 2 giant tempura prawns which were decent. But the chawanmushi, oh...the moment I put them into my mouth, they simply melt in my mouth. (=.=)''' It's like, I'm eating nothing. Not to mention, I have to deal with the very fishy smell at the bottom of the chawanmushi.

Next up, the Gindara. Again, it got me pretty riled up. Priced at $17+, I expect it to be decently presented, I dont dream it to be a big slice as it's afterall, codfish. But, my appetite was quite doused when it was presented in 2 pieces. It was a small, thick piece(like 3cm by 8cm) around 1cm thick, accompanied by another chunk, around 2.5cm by 2.5cm. And it's not nice at all, simply too "nua".

And I thought I have something to look forward to, since there's still a dessert. Imagine my wrath when the 2.5cm by 2.5cm "tofu" I saw was actually the cheesecake! Hell, I would be super grateful if I'm starved for 3 days lor! I dont expect it to be shared of course but seriously that minute size was very offensive! Might as well dont give. I rather them not to include dessert in the set than to give such a miserable piece! I'm not a kitten okie~

Requested for mayonnaise but it never came. The bill came pretty promptly though.

The bill came up to around $56, one of the most unworthy dinner I had.

Shin Kushiya @ Vivo
Food: 3/10
Service: 5/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 3/10
Overall: 4/10 -> Strictly not recommended

Went Daiso to stock up my daily eyelash fix and then we went to the alfresco deck for the view and we caught the fireworks just on time. =D After it ended, we walked along Sentosa Broadwalk to The Wine Company. It was a beautiful sight. Stepping on smooth slabs of wooden flooring with the sea beside us and lovely view, with so many blissful and happy couples and families around us, I told dearie that these are one of the things I dont mind paying with my tax. Because it gives ALL Singaporeans simple pleasures. Everyone can go there via public transport and a mere Barcardi freezer from the 7-11 and wonderful company can make a memorable day. =)

We slowly strolled to The Wine Company and we chose indoor seating. It wasnt very crowded, which was great. Was very happy with a good service rendered though it will be perfect if the waitress serving us has more knowledge in wine. I wished I can order the sausage platter which was fantastic the last time I had with Kel and Jy at Dempsey. But dearie wasnt hungry and I had to settle with Salt & Pepper Squid. Very yummy!! Wished it was a bigger portion though. Dearie kept saying he wont eat a single bit, ended up also eat a significant portion lor. As a result, I wasnt full at all and was like half-past-six. Arghhh! We had a Rivendell Sauvignon Blanc from Australia and it was not bad. Around 1.5hours later then we left for movie at Vivo.

Movie: Ladda Land
Ratings: 3.7/5
Comments: I was hoping for more because the movies mentioned produced by the same studio are good, especially "Coming Soon". It was not bad...with some horror scenes here and there. But I'm a very "plot" person and I simply hate movies which made me cry like a puppy. This is more like a touching movie than a horror flick. No twist or plot whatsoever, it's just a case of restless spirits floating around and bothering anyone who bother them. =/ Sad ending too.

After the movie, I was a little hungry so we went over to the alfresco food hawker(Food Republic) at St James. If you haven know, much of the carpark space was converted into it. Dearie wasnt very hungry(again) so I didnt order alot. He hor, always say he's not very hungry but in the end, always eat quite a significant portion which ultimately deprived me of total satisfaction. =P

Our orders:
From the Zi-Char
-Sambal Stingray($10.50)
Great texture, crispy skin with tender meat. However, I got alittle perplexed as the meat was rather tasteless, unless you dipped in the nice and sweet-onions chilli. The sambal was alittle spicy but also kinda tasteless. For the price, it was considered a large piece.

-Gon Gon ($10)
Mild taste, so you have to dip into the chilli, which was different from the one for stingray. It's my first time trying to dig out the meat myself. It's a chore! =P But I guess, I'll prefer to try order la la next time round. I like more flavorful dishes.

Lok-Lok from the stall at far right (From $1-$1.50 per stick)
Initially I was pleasantly surprised! Finally I dont have to go all the way into JB to have it. Sadly, it was a letdown! I ordered long beans, mushrooms, enoki, quail eggs and they're all tasteless. They gave sauces as well as chilli but they're not nice. What's worse, the mushrooms, which were supposed to be a tad crispy and salty(like those from JB), was totally soggy from all the oil. Yucks. I know all these junk food are oily la but they should be at least fried well! Obviously the oil wasnt hot enough, thus the soggy food. So sad.

For drinks, I love the longan drink which was brown in colour. The longans were tasty. =)

Okie, that's about all. Enjoy your sunday!

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