Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crazy Rainy Season

I'm soOOo tired! It's already 5+ in the morning but I dont bear to sleep yet. Sleeping is such a waste of time. I have so many stuff I wanna do. =P

Going to update my marvelous week. If you have a super lousy memory like me, it's good to keep a blog as a recording of events. Sometimes I read back my old entries, no matter it's about happy times of me and dearie, or the wonderful times with my friends or my friends' happy occasions like weddings/baby showers etc, they always make me smile. Taking pictures are just not enough. You'll realize sometimes you cant remember where you took them. Videos are much better at capturing those moments nowadays but do remember to sayyyy something in the videos too!

Last Wed I had a mini clubbing night at Zouk with Tracy. From 11pm - 2+am. Perhaps because I had so much fun the last time I was there, I thought I can relive those moments with Iv and gang. Too bad the others werent free. =( Tracy was a sport and yes, we went Zouk! I understand that some friends have commitments and simply cant do impromptu but hey really, spontaneity can be SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, try that sometime. =) We only live once!

I remembered there was once where I dragged dearie to Sentosa Waterworld/butterfly park with me when we were merely shopping in Vivo. That look on his face was c l a s s i c. He was like, "Are you crazy/serious?" Sometimes he can be so gu-niang that I buay tahan. =P Anyway, that time we were still pator-ing in the honeymoon period, so he obliged. If it's NOW, hng! Fat hope lah! I begged him 2 years, 2 years okieeeeeeeeeeee, to bring me to the zoo and he only did it last year during my birthday. I'm among the few among my friends who havent been to Universal Studio and hmm...I bet it will take another 3 years before he'll take me. Hopefully 1 day my friends can organize. =) I dont really like to drag dearie to accompany me to do things he dont really like, unless I have no choice. And I realized...I'm spoiling him big time. In fact, he's already spoilt. =(

Anyway, back to the Zouk night. That night was unbelievable! Just before I was out of my house, it began to rain like it haven been raining forever. REALLY!! The pattering of the raindrops was so loud that it roared in my ears. I dont wish to carry an umbrella so I took a longer route to another taxi stand so that I was fully sheltered. Expected, there was a long queue, surprisingly comprising of all the china and bangladesh workers. Nevermind, so I waited. When it was my turn, with the cab just right infront of me(perhaps 80cm?), I opened the door and hopped in. But guess what, I was drenched from top to bottom in that mere 2 seconds!! I almost cant believe it! What's wrong with the design of the taxi stand(at mrt)? It's freaking stupid lor! Got shelter is no difference from no shelter at all.

I was going, "Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!" in the cab. And the taxi passenger seats were flooded with water. The cab driver passed me tissue as well as cloth to wipe the seats. I was dripping wet and was soaked through my underwear lor. Thank god my strapless bra werent padded while they might just collapsed from the weight of the water being absorbed lor. Thank god I wasnt on AV too, else the water dripping from me might be red too. And I'm not being funny or cheeky okie~ It's really that bad. After a long journey(felt like forever to me), I finally reached Zouk.

The cab driver said, "Haha here not even a drop of rain! You see, the road is so dry."

I replied, "Ya, precisely the more I look like an idiot here."

Cab driver: "Ah..ha..ha.."

Aiya, I was a "rare sight" lah as everyone turned to look at a drenched duckling. I had to curb myself from running to the toilet. And damn, I visited ALL the toilets in Zouk and not 1 has a dryer!!! I was wearing this long tunic which reached my mid-thigh with safety shorts and because the safety shorts was so drenched, I have to take them off. I had to worry that I "run light" and was so uncomfortable for the entire night. The rest of me dried up after half an hour or so but the ends of the tunic was still kinda wet when Tracy arrived. Argghhhh~ My only consolation was I wasnt wearing mascara and my fake eyelashes didnt drop. Hahaha. However, with such a sucky beginning, I never thought I can have so much fun later in the night. Met tracy's friends and they were a funny bunch.

Also clubbed yesterday(fri) at Dragonfly with Iv and gang.

Usually I seldom club and dearie asked me why I clubbed more than once this week. I simply dont have any specific or real reason.

I then told dearie, "Perhaps.....feel like de-stressing bah. Feel like clubbing then club loh. Before this week, I also didnt club for few months, then you never ask anything? =P"

Then dearie nothing to say. Haha. Aiya, usually after a few hectic clubbing nights, I will lay low for few months to rest. I'm not a clubber. I repeat, I'm not a clubber. =P

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