Thursday, June 2, 2011

St James + Four Seasons + Dim sum brunch + KTV + Sukiyaki Buffet Dinner

After Qi's bachelorette Party, I cabbed down to St James to find the gang, Iv, Ed, Ja, Cel and her sis, Zan. Ahh...pardon me...but I forgotten where I joined them. Bleh! But it's the 2nd storey where there's ktv. Never knew St James got chill room with ktv! Anyway, St James is just like a maze to me. They can always run here run there in between clubs but definitely not me. I will lose track of where I am. =P

Thanks lor, to the ultra short and ugly fringe, I'm 独眼龙 in most pictures.

Anyway, if my memory didnt fail me, we didnt stay very long. Sang a few songs, played games, finished the half bottle of Hennessy and then off we go on our way to Four Seasons hotel for round 2! Ja had a free hotel stay. =D We tabao so much food from the hawkers infront of St James back to the hotel to eat. It was awesomeeeeeeee! The wonderful room, the comfy bed and the humongous toilet!!

Actually hor.....I also dont really remember much...haha. Memory fail. Ah..I just remembered I laughed so much until I lost my voice. Yes! I lost my voice!! How can it be right? Really dont understand. Maybe laughed too much or too loud. Muahahahaha! As usual, Iv was like the last one standing while all of us K.O. He then pestered each and everyone of us to play 5-10 with him...and then find excuse to make us drink. (=.=)''''''''''''''''''''''''' Ohhhhh and I vaguely remembered because Ed adamantly refused to drink despite losing, Iv began to strip him instead! Muahahahaha! Became strip-5-10 game. Hahaha. I was in a state of in between dreaming and reality so everything seemed so blur to me. I did puke once, and then went back to sleep. =P

Butterflies in the stomach the next morning but I persevered! Woke up to bathe and everything, checked out at 12+ which was freaking early to me. Ed left for home while the rest of us cabbed down to Asia Grand at Odeon Tower for favorite dim sum. Waited for a long half hour before we were seated because it was freaking crowded. Glad the food came quickly and did not disappoint. Yummy! It's around S$18nett per pax with ala carte. No pictures hor, because I'm not 100% sober. Hur hur~

We then adjourned to Marina Square for KTV at Kbox and sang till 7pm. Cel left after the ktv, thus left the 3 of us to have dinner at Sukiya(Marina Square center stage #02-138F) for Shabu-Shabu + Sukiyaki buffet. It was fanta-bulous!!! I've never eaten nice Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki(except in Tokyo and Taiwan) in Singapore so it really came as a great surprise. Free flow of meat(Chicken/beef/pork) plus other vege/toufu etc with no drinks. I'm not sure whether you can only choose 1 meat as there were 3 of us so basically we tried all.

The chicken came as surprisingly good and not inferior to the beef at all because it was sliced so thinly. Thumbs up! The Sukiyaki broth was real tasty. I really cant give a fair rating of the Shabu-Shabu broth because stupid Iv went to put those big, bulky, brown mushrooms in the broth.

"Dont put mushroomsssss! It will spoil the taste of the soup!!" I exclaimed!

"Will meh? Wont lah. Mushroom only mah." Iv said.

"Arrghhhhhh!! Okie then you put into 1 type of soup will do! Dont put both!" =P

In the end, we all consumed more of the Sukiyaki. The Shabu-shabu broth became weird werid loh, got the smelly mushroom taste. =X Anyway, even after more soup were added, it still doesnt taste as nice as the Sukiyaki. =P

I'm missing the buffet already. Will definitely go back! It's around $30 nett(Sat dinner) with an order of hot green tea.

Reached home at 9+pm. It had been a long time since I'm so shagged out! I have a feeling I've gained just 3 kg in just these 2 days. =(

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