Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movie Reviews - X-MEN First Class & Hangover Part 2

Movie: Hangover 2
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Hmm....I dont understand the craze over the Hangover movies, the movie was completely sold! Apparently, all the men love it...and since dearie is one of them, I caught it with him. Despite some of the jokes and scenes....makes me go..."omfg..."......I was very entertained and had alot of laughs. I would say it's more entertaining than part 1. So to all Hangover fans, yes it's worth a catch.

Movie: X-MEN first class
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: While the refreshing idea of mutants having different kinds of power may kind of wear off for a old X-men fan like me, the prequel is a brilliant idea of sparking new interests. The story was concocted nicely as everything falls into place. It feels great when understanding dawned as to why X-men became who they are and who they represents. I particularly like the charming Professor X, Charles(starred by James McAvoy) in the movie, brilliant, kind and gentle. =) Do kindly excuse the young actors and actresses for their inexperience in acting though.

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